Fill Bare Trees With Family History

We Fill Bare Trees With Our Family History

I like the image suggested by this photo

for the presence of “family trees” in our lives.

We hope to people a forest, one name at a time, one tree at a time,

and sometimes the long looks backward seem like a trek through

cold and snow until we find someone and can place

them in the foliage of our memories.  James Hart


This post may not be of vital interest to readers who find this blog

through WordPress or other searches, but I am providing it here

for family members who may be recommended to it, and because

it will eventually be useful to track information about family

members that I will write about in the future, once I have determined 

a form or style to preserve information found in family history documents.

My sons have been urging me for some time to write our family’s

history into a preservable format that will mean something to them.


Family Descent of John Hart, Sr.

Leading to James M. Hart, Jr. and Sons,

of Brookfield, Missouri ~ ca. 1720-2001


 John Hart’s parents are as yet undetermined.


John Hart, Sr. married Martha Beasley

b. ca. 1720 Essex County, Virginia; d. 1793

and b. ca. 1735 Essex County, Virginia; d. bet. 1781-1821

Married ca. 1741 in Virginia (?)


Cornelius, ** Elizabeth Nancy, Thomas,

Caleb, William, John, Israel, and Beasley


Caleb Hart married Mary Ann Evans Estes

b. ca. 1748 Caroline County, Virginia; d. bef. June 14, 1810 Halifax County, Virginia

and b. bet. 1737-1762; d. aft. 1810 *

Married ca. 1763-1765  in Virginia (?)


Jinsey, John E., Reuben, Nowel Alfred


Nowel Alfred Hart married Elizabeth Kent

b. ca. 1776 prob. in Halifax County, Virginia; d. May 24, 1837 in Callaway County, Missouri

and b. date, place unknown; d. date unknown (1845?), Callaway County, Missouri

Married in Halifax County, Virginia, February 12, 1805


Alfred Evans, James A., Henry H., Elizabeth, Rebecca,

Martha J., Harriet, Susan W., Thomas A.


Alfred Evans Hart married 1. Nicey Pullium (var. Nicy & Pulliam)

b. July 29, 1805 in Halifax County, Virginia; d. May 9, 1872 in Randolph County, Arkansas

and b. January 18, 1814 in Virginia; d. August 22, 1843 in Callaway County, Missouri

Married in Callaway County, Missouri, January 17, 1833


Mary Ann Hatcher Hart, Susannah Gilliam Hart, Henry Adkinson Hart,

Thomas Jefferson Hart, and Benjamin Johnson Hart


Alfred Evans Hart married 2. Lucy Ann Stokes

b. July 29, 1805 in Halifax County, Virginia; d. May 9, 1872 in Randolph County, Arkansas

and b. September 1832 in Virginia; d. February 7, 1914 in Randolph County, Arkansas

Married in Lauderdale County, Tennessee ca. 1850


Martha W. Hart, Sarah E. Hart, William Samuel Hart,

James M. Hart, Joseph G. Hart, America Hart,

Josephine Hart, Jesse Hart


Benjamin Johnson Hart married Amanda Lou Austin

b. July 25, 1842 in ? Co., Missouri; d. October 26, 1924 in Carroll County, Missouri

and b. August 5, 1846 in ? Co., Missouri; d. December 27, 1926 in Carroll County, Missouri

Married on December 13, 1866, probably in Carroll County, Missouri


James Alfred Hart, Emma Willard Hart, Lenora Hart, Ann Eliza Hart,

Keturah Sena Hart, Mary Lizzabeth Hart, Robert Thomas Hart,

Grover Benjamin Hart, Joseph Yuen Hart


Robert Thomas Hart married Lovie Glenora Bowles

b. March 21, 1882 prob. in Carroll Co., Missouri; d. January 5, 1955 in Carroll County, Missouri

and b. October 31, 1884 prob. in Carroll Co., Missouri; d. June 16, 1965 in Livingston Co., Missouri

Married on March 30, 1904, probably in Carroll County, Missouri


Cecil Oren Hart, Vercil Robert Hart, James Martin Hart,

Gladys Lou Hart, Charles Ray Hart


James Martin Hart married Alene May Wagaman

b. March 30, 1910; d. October 7, 1979 and b. October 8, 1918; d. December 2, 1990

Norborne, Missouri and Kansas City, Missouri

Married in Auburn, New York, July 6, 1951


James Martin Hart, Jr. and Donald Ray Hart

b. January 14, 1953 and b. October 4, 1954


James Martin Hart, Jr. married Denise Gayle Rauscher

b. January 14, 1953 and b. July 20, 1953

Monticello, Iowa and Kansas City, Missouri

Married in Brookfield, Missouri, June 14, 1980


Nathaniel Austin Hart and Ethan Tyler Hart

b. September 11, 1983 and b. July 15, 1985

in Chillicothe, Livingston County, Missouri


Hart Family Members Buried in Ebenezer Cemetery

~ Located west of Bogard, Missouri ~

Benjamin Johnson Hart and Amanda Lou Austin Hart

James Alfred Hart

Emma Willard Hart

Lenora Hart Dodson and John William Dodson

Robert Thomas Hart and Lovie Glenora Bowles Hart

Joseph Yuen Hart and Minnie Mae Mattox Hart

James Martin Hart and Alene May Wagaman Hart

Vercil Robert Hart and Dorothy Nell Glaze Hart

Charles Ray Hart and (Flossie May Hunter Hart)

(Flossie Hart presently living in 2013)

Gladys Lou Hart Bunge and Virgil Henry Bunge

James Reed Bunge

Donna Bunge Reilly and John Reilly


Beaty Cemetery ~ McCroskie Creek Baptist Church

~ Located west of Carrollton, Missouri ~

Cecil Oren Hart and Evelyn Elvida Metz Hart

Bonnie Hart


Powell Cemetery ~ Carroll County, Missouri

Thomas Jefferson Hart and Elizabeth Jane Brock Hart


** Nancy Hart, daughter of John Hart, Sr.,

birthdate unknown, but she married a

William Beasley, according to an email note

sent to me by SCC on Sunday, September 23, 2001.


Amended May 28, 2012:  A RootsWeb list of descendents

of John Hart, Sr. gives 8 children, and names Elizabeth Nancy,

born in 1768 in CharlotteCounty, Virginia,

and this source names her husband as Gabriel Beasley.


*Date ranges of earliest ancestors provided by RLDS Documents,

unless determined more specifically from other research.

July 19, 2001 ~ JMH



24 comments on “Fill Bare Trees With Family History

  1. Pierre Lagacé says:

    I found your blog through Pacific Paratrooper.
    I like what I see here and I will follow your blog.

    I have been writing a blog about genealogy since 2009. I live in Quebec, but some of my ancestors emigrated to the U.S.

    My blog Our Ancestors was a way to reach out for distant relatives.
    It has not stop since 2009.

    I have written more than 400 posts since 2009.

    This is just an example here…


  2. Pierre Lagacé says:

    A reblogué ceci sur Our Ancestors and commented:
    A New Kid on the Blog…

  3. James Hart says:

    Thank you, Pierre. I am so impressed that a man in Quebec has noticed my work! Merci!

    • James Hart says:

      I have added your English version of Our Ancestors to my blogs to follow. It looks fascinating and will give me ideas for the future. I think I need a scanning printer now! Thanks, again. jh

    • Pierre Lagacé says:

      I started small with WordPress then it took a life of its own. Now I am knee-deep into the CIvil War.

  4. Pierre Lagacé says:

    If you need any help in your search for leaves, feel free to ask.
    Many French-Canadians emigrated to the U.S. in the 1800s.

  5. Do you know how to search using the Family Search Website?

    This is what I believe are Robert Thomas Hart and Glenora Bowles in the 1930 U.S. Census.

    I use Family Search as a source among many others.

    In 1940… You have the image of the page.

    • James Hart says:

      I am not getting an image for these two items tonight–something about the internet–but I did see the Benjamin Hart family in 1900 below. BY THE WAY . . . what led you to look into these particular names and find that I was in error with Robert Hart’s birthday. . . that error is about 15 years old! and I just never saw it, even though I’ve been through my pages often. Just never caught it–but I am curious how you came to see that. Please, do tell. jh

    • James Hart says:

      Thank you for sending me these census items–they were the ones that triggered my alarm with Sharon Coleman 12 years ago and led us to discovering Emma Hart’s daughter (The Story of Emma). But I had lost the census images in the time since then because of a previous computer death. It is nice to see these again–especially in the original form.

  6. Last one… I have to control myself.

    His registration card with his birthdate. March 21, 1882

    • James Hart says:

      Thank you! I never noticed that before, but when I made that record I mis-typed my father’s birth date for my grandfather. It is March 21, 1882, in the family bible record that I have. I just had never noticed my own error. Again, thanks. I am not a subscriber to the service where you found this record. jh

  7. James Hart says:

    Yes, please, about 1880 census, when you have time. Thanks. Also, when I was looking through some disks to see where I needed to correct Robert Hart’s birthday, I was surprised to see how many family history resources I have filed away that I have not looked into for a few years. I think I need to sort and inventory and see about putting them into the CLOUD where I can get to them more easily for writing here. More on that later. jh

      • James Hart says:

        Fascinating, Pierre. Thank you. Those damn census takers. The 1880 census has Emma (born in 1869) listed as a 10-year-old boy “Emery.” Who can account for what was said/written? Of special note here too is this: Mary A. Newman listed under Benjamin’s family is his SISTER Mary Ann Hatcher Hart (older than BJH). I have notes somewhere on a disk, and I think her husband was John A. Newman, but she was probably a widow by this time. My Aunt Gladys Hart shared a childhood memory once of remembering Mary Ann (an old lady by then) as “Aunt Hatch” sitting on the porch of her little farmhouse in western Carroll County, smoking a pipe. The name has such character: Aunt Hatch. What’s on the next page of the 1880 census?

    • James Hart says:

      I spent most of this Friday afternoon creating CLOUD access for all of my “lost” files on disks–so much easier than having them all on my hard drive too! Working on family history / new writing for my Harthouse on Main work is going to be so easy now. I guess the next step is a printer/scanner–which I’ve thought about for some time–just have not committed to one.

  8. Pierre Lagacé says:

    I am at my daughter’s place today.
    I will answer all your questions tomorrow morning.
    I wake up early.
    I will send you the documents I have found on Family Search using what clues you gave. It was easy to search since you had a lot of information.


  9. James Hart says:

    Here is a note about Mary A. Newman (Mary Ann Hatcher Hart) from a FTM file a friend sent:

    1. MARY ANN HATCHER5 HART (ALFRED EVANS4, NOWELL ALFRED3, CALEB2, JOHN1) was born 02 June 1834 in probably Callaway Co., MO1,2, and died 07 February 1917 in Carrollton, Carroll, MO3. She married JOHN R. NEWMAN3 08 February 1855 in Carroll Co., MO4,5, son of JOEL NEWMAN and WINNIE GREEN. He was born Unknown in North Carolina, and died 1872 in Callaway Co., MO?.

    Yes, she was a widow in 1880 and living near Benjamin Hart–he had two aging aunts as part of his household then, which I knew 10 years ago and had forgotten.

  10. James Hart says:

    I have revised this post and added the names of Alfred Evans Hart’s second wife, Lucy Ann Stokes, and their 8 children.

  11. Sir,

    I am awed with, and inspired by, the work you are doing here. It speaks to my heart’s long-held desire to have an easily retrievable record of our family history.

    I’m from the Philippines, certainly no relation by blood but definitely a “kindred soul” in wanting to preserve a family’s identity. I came over from Pacific Paratrooper’s blog where I saw your comment.

    My grandpa and granduncle served in WW2, grandpa survived but my granduncle didn’t. A blog about my family’s history is something my cousin (she lives in NY) and I will definitely look into. It’s an idea that’s been on my mind, I just didn’t know how to do it. It’s getting clearer now as I look around your blog and WP some more.

    Thank you for putting this blog out here.

    Warmly from the Philippines,
    Mary Roxas

  12. James Hart says:

    Dear Mary Roxas,
    Thank you for the lovely comments–and I am new at this myself, so it is rewarding and humbling that you find what I am doing inspiring and providing a potential model to follow. I am starting with a few ready made items–things I had already written or produced–and determined to present them here. Then I find in a very short time I have attracted other WordPress users who are like-minded about Family History. This will be a long work in progress as I sort through things I’ve accumulated on paper and from internet genealogy research, and will present when I have determined the right form for it. I am also doing original writing for essays or family memories. Later tonight I will be posting an essay I’ve been writing for the last week. I think I will present it in two or three parts so that readers can read a portion and have a break. Thank you for choosing to follow my page as well. James Hart

    • Pierre Lagacé says:

      Great idea to break in several parts. I read your mother’s family secret post. 11 pages.
      Republish it when you have pictures to insert and break it also into several parts. It’s so good, but hard to follow sometimes because we have to get used to the different names.

      Your blog is great James.

  13. Cindi Scott says:

    I am related to Andrew Harris and that married Ede Perrin Hart, widow of Cornelius Hart, I have spent years trying to locate Ede and Cornelius’ daughter Mary Beasley Hart she is named in John Hart’s will If anyone knows what happened to her please contact me She is also named in Andrew Harris’ will in Madison Co., KY

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