Family of Alfred Evans Hart (1805-1872)

Family of Alfred Evans Hart (1805-1979)

Old Randolph County Courthouse at Pocahontas, Arkansas


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New Randolph County Courthouse


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Randolph County borders southern Missouri, near the bootheel, and Pocahontas is the county seat.


Descendants of Alfred Evans Hart

For years Alfred Evans Hart’s name was only a name in a family bible, and I knew nothing about him except his birth and marriage dates and that he was my great great grandfather. I knew his children’s names and I knew when his wife died. For reasons unknown to me as a teenager, our family did not know when he died or know any other details about his life. That changed when I made the acquaintance of Sharon Catlin Coleman in 2000.

After we met online through a family history forum for the Hart Family, Sharon, a descendant of Henry Adkinson Hart, and I, a descendant of Benjamin Johnson Hart, brothers and sons of Alfred, worked together during 2000 and 2001 to piece together the history of Alfred Evans Hart, whose history was lost to us. How that came to be is a sad moment of family history for which I still do not know all the particulars. Until our work together, all that I knew of Alfred Evans Hart were the details referred to in the family bible that belonged to his son Benjamin (See my recent March 3 post: Benjamin Hart’s Family Bible Record.) Other names listed in the bible record and their relationships were not clear to me until I met Sharon, who gave me her family history notes and her insight into the Pulliam Family.

What I did learn first of Alfred’s early fate was this: After my great great grandmother Nicey Pulliam Hart died in Callaway County, Missouri, in 1843, about a year after Benjamin’s birth in 1842 (he was the fifth and youngest child), Alfred apparently placed his five children with various members of his Hart siblings or with his wife’s Pulliam siblings and left. I mean left them . . . forever. From that point of 1843 onward until we started finding information about Alfred and Lucy Ann Stokes in Tennessee and Arkansas, everything about him was a blank, including his death. We knew pieces of his Callaway County life through the records of his father Nowel Alfred Hart’s estate, but that was it. And when I last talked to my now deceased aunt Gladys Hart Bunge in 2001 about family memories, she had no recollection at all of any stories about Alfred. She was born in 1912 and she was twelve when Benjamin died in 1924–she remembered him, but she knew he did not tell much of his childhood to pass down to his son Robert, her father. She did at the time recall a memory of Benjamin’s oldest sister, Mary Ann Hatcher Hart Newman, whom she called “Aunt Hatch” and whom she remembered as an old lady sitting on her farmhouse porch and smoking a pipe when Gladys visited her as a girl. That is a tiny fragment I love knowing now. She also vaguely recalled hearing the name Nowel, but with no particulars, just a shadowy recall of the name.

The following note is from Sharon Coleman’s Pulliam Family file (2000) entitled “Family Descent of Edward Pulliam, Emigrant,” and it verifies that Henry and Benjamin were being raised by three of Nicey’s siblings in Carroll County:

*1850 Census of Carroll County, Missouri:

Henry Pulliam, Agnes Pulliam, and Aurilla Pulliam are living together

and raising Henry Adkinson Hart and Benjamin Johnson Hart,

sons of Nicey Pulliam (dec.) and Alfred Evans Hart (presence unknown).


[Agnes Pulliam married Samuel Cole in 1851;

her marriage and death are noted in the Hart Family Bible.]

~ jmh 3.31.13 ~


Sharon and I share a common interest in my great great grandfather as indicated above. In August 2002 we met for two days in Pocahontas, Arkansas, and together we sifted through the probate records originally housed in the Old Courthouse, pictured above, and made copies of papers from the estate of Alfred Hart’s second wife Lucy Ann Stokes Hart. I think we may have copied some extant records from the estates of some of their children, but memory fails me at the moment, and like all forms of “good intentions” those papers are safely stored away somewhere here at Harthouse on Main, but I have not looked into them for some time. That will have to be a task for a later time and for perhaps another post on this blog. However, we could not have met together and pursued the courthouse searching that we did without the work of Tom Stokes of White Hall, Arkansas, who shared his family history research with us in 2001 after we found his name and connected with him through a Stokes Family forum. It was only after seeing his notes that we could verify we were indeed searching for the correct Alfred Hart (sometimes given in records with or without an E or Evans in his name), because Tom’s files included names and details of Sharon’s and my family ancestors which connected his Hart / Stokes history to our Hart / Pulliam history.

The remainder of this post is quite lengthy, but I am presenting it intact because I think to divide it would only confuse readers unfamiliar with the names and generations given here. Indeed, this file may only be of limited interest to someone who likes family history, but my real target is for future readers connected to Hart Family history who will want availability of this record for their own researches, whenever that may occur. Readers familiar with Family Tree Maker files or other genealogical files will be able to decipher this more easily. For readers approaching it with limited curiosity, I will warn with this disclaimer that currently most of this file is presented as it came to me from Tom Stokes twelve years ago, although I believe it may have some details added to it later by Sharon Coleman regarding her memories of people named in her branch of the family record. My memory for some of the details of the work we shared back and forth may be faulty here! The file has not been edited or corrected for questionable spellings of names nor have missing dates been added to it. I have also left intact certain explanatory notes in the text that may or may not be correct as a curiosity showing how these kinds of records shape and change as people piece them together from many sources over the context of many years, until someday someone may say “Voila! It is finished!” But can it every really be finished? For in some distant year someone will find one more detail to make one more leaf upon the tree.

James Hart, March 31, 2013


(The following family file for Alfred Evans Hart

is by Tom Stokes of White Hall, Arkansas)


Generation No. 1

1.  ALFRED EVANS HART was born July 29, 1805 in Halifax Co., VA, and died May 09, 1872 in Pocahontas, Randolph County, Arkansas.  He married (1) NICEY PULLIAM January 17, 1833 in Callaway Co., MO.  She was born January 18, 1814 in VA, and died August 22, 1843 in Callaway Co., MO.  He married (2) WILDA MOORE Aft. 1843 in ?.    He married (3) LUCY ANN E. STOKES Abt. 1850 in Lauderdale Co., TN, daughter of THOMAS W. STOKES and SARAH JANE DEWES.  She was born abt. September 1832 in Virginia, and died February 07, 1914 in Pocahontas, Randolph County, Arkansas.

[Sharon and I never could find anything to substantiate a marriage to Wilda Moore, shown above as marriage number 2; however, the birth dates given further down for daughters Martha (1847) and Sarah (1850) would seem to support the idea if Alfred married Lucy “about 1850.” I also do not understand the designations of “stepchild” given below for Lucy’s children born after 1850. jmh 3.31.13]


Jeanette (Kauffman) Girkin Redman says Alfred may have lived in Parker Co, TX with other Harts.  She also believes he married a second time, maybe in Parker Co., to a lady named “Josie” who appears on the 1920 census living with Henry Adkinson Hart. (It is believed Josie is Alfred’s daughter rather than his wife.)  She states further that she has been told Alfred remarried and had additional children; she has made a search of the Arkansas Census and found no information on him other than a possibility of:

White County Roll #, page 833, Gray Township, Arkansas taken June 6, 1860:  Hart, A. (Alfred?), living in dwelling with T.? Hart; age at time of census 60, white male, retired farmer, value of real estate $4,600; value of personal estate $1,000. Place of birth Virginia.  (Is this our missing Alfred Evans Hart?)

My research indicates Alfred may have died in Independence Co., AR in 1879.  It is believed his second wife was Lucy Ann Stokes [daughter of Thomas and Sarah Ann (nee?) STOKES) and that they were married in about 1850.  I believe Lucy Ann may have been born in Lauderdale Co., TN, and they were married in probably MO.  (The FHC library file [online] indicates they were married in Lauderdale Co., TN.)

Jeff Elliott has provided the name of Wilda Moore as the second wife–possibly from Gerald Hart’s research.  Could this mean Alfred could have been married three times?  With Wilda being wife #2 and Lucy Ann as wife #3?


May be spelled “Nicy.” [This spelling should be regarded as incorrect. jmh 3.31.13]


As per Randolph County Histories: Lucy was a good business woman and the Harts became successful in farming and stock raising.  Lucy was very good with horses and the ones she raised and trained became an extra source of income for the family especially when Alfred’s health began to fail.  A family story tells that in 1870, she was taking some horses to Pocahontas to sell when she was attacked by horse thieves.  She managed to fight them off with a whip and brought the horses racing into Pocahontas at a dead run.  The thieves were never identified but it became a family joke that she had tangled with Quantrell’s raiders and won.  Alfred died May 9, 1872, after a lengthy illness.  Lucy later married James M. Bradley.  In later years both relatives and friends began to call her “Grandman” Bradley as a term of respect.  After James Bradley’s death she married William Breeding but this marriage ended in divorce.  She spent her last days sharing a home with an unmarried daughter, Josephine Hart, near the home of another daughter, Mary Hart Abanathy in Attica community.  Lucy died February 7, 1914 after a long illness.  Her obituary states that she left four generations of descendants “which few families of this county can boast.”  They were daughter, Mrs. T. B. Abanathy, granddaughter, Mrs. Lucy Pettit, great granddaughter Mrs. Stone Eaton and great grandson, Baby Stone Eaton.  Many present day residents of Randolph County are descended from this pioneer couple.  (Information from public census records, newspaper records and private family records) By Maxine Meeks Notes for Alfred Evans Hart: {Alfred Hart family FTW}

Children of ALFRED HART and NICEY PULLIAM are:

i.    MARY ANN HATCHER2 HART, b. June 02, 1834, probably Callaway Co., MO; d. February 07, 1917, Carrollton, Carroll, MO.

ii.    SUSANNAH GILLIAM HART, b. July 17, 1836, MO; d. 1873, Carroll Co., MO.

iii.    HENRY ADKINSON HART, b. August 25, 1838, Callaway Co., MO; d. May 05, 1925, Owasso, Tulsa, OK.

iv.    THOMAS JEFFERSON HART, b. October 09, 1840, MO; d. January 09, 1902, Carrollton, Carroll, MO; m. ELIZABETH JANE BROCK, December 19, 1862, ?; b. March 08, 1840, ?; d. October 17, 1924, Carroll Co., MO.


On Roll 718 of the 1860 MO census at Wakenda, Carroll Co. the following is found:

Henry Pulliam, age 52, male, farmer, E/V $480; personal value $645, born VA.

Martha age 37, female, born KY

Jefferson Hart, age 19, born MO (this is Thomas Jefferson Hart, son of Alfred Evans and Nicey (Pulliam) Hart.)


Burial: Abt. January 09, 1902, Powell Cemetery, Carroll Co., MO43,44,45

v.    BENJAMIN JOHNSON HART, b. July 25, 1842, MO; d. October 26, 1924, Carrollton, Carroll, MO.


Children of ALFRED HART and LUCY STOKES are:

vi.    MARTHA W. HART, b. Abt. 1847.

vii.    WILLIAM SAMUEL HART, b. Abt. 1851.

viii.    SARAH E. HART, b. 1850, Missouri; Stepchild.

ix.    JAMES M. HART, b. November 1853, Lauderdale County, TN; Stepchild.

x.    JOSEPH G. HART, b. 1859, Independence County, AR; Stepchild; m. F.E. GORDON, April 02, 1880, Randolph County, AR; b. 1859, Randolph Co, AR.

xi.    AMERICA HART, b. 1862, Randolph County, AR; Stepchild.

xii.    JOSEPHINE HART, b. Abt. 1866, Randolph County, AR; Stepchild.

xiii.    JESSE HART, b. Bef. 1868, Randolph County, AR; Stepchild.

Generation No. 2

2.  MARY ANN HATCHER HART (ALFRED EVANS1) was born June 02, 1834 in probably Callaway Co., MO, and died February 07, 1917 in Carrollton, Carroll, MO.  She married JOHN R. NEWMAN February 08, 1855 in Carroll Co., MO.  He was born Unknown in South Carolina, and died 1872 in Callaway Co., MO?


Jeff Elliott’s family page indicates Mary Ann’s name was Mary Ann Hatcher Hart.


Burial: Abt. February 07, 1917, Powell Cemetery, Carroll Co., MO74,75,76

Children of MARY HART and JOHN NEWMAN are:

7.                i.    MARY ELIZABETH NEWMAN, b. October 31, 1857, Callaway Co., MO; d. October 12, 1892, Carroll Co., MO.

8.               ii.    THOMAS A. NEWMAN, b. Unknown, ?; d. December 18, 1931, ?.

3.  SUSANNAH GILLIAM HART (ALFRED EVANS1) was born July 17, 1836 in MO, and died 1873 in Carroll Co., MO.  She married MOSES STANDLEY February 02, 1853 in Carroll Co., MO.  He was born May 16, 1825 in KY, and died September 16, 1912 in Carroll Co., MO.


Susannah (or Susan) Hart was the sister of Henry Adkinson and Benjamin Hart.


2 Aug 1870 Census, Wakenda Twp., p. 449a

Moses Stanley  45  KY  Farmer  140/415

Susan                33  MO

Mary E.              19  MO

Nancy                13  MO

Madora T.          11  MO

Ben T (or J)         9  MO

Martha                 7  MO

Lydia T or L         5  MO

William H.           3  MO

Adie                4/12  MO born in April

1880 Carroll Co., MO Census

Moses Standley  54 b. KY parents VA

Martha J.             16

Benjamin            19

William N.           13

Lidda L.               15

Addy                    10

Allen                      8

1900 Van Horn Twp, Carroll Co., MO Census

Moses Standley  May  1825  75  KY  VA  VA living with son Benjamin


Burial: Aft. September 16, 1912, Powell Cemetery, Carroll Co., MO

Census: 1870, Wakenda Twp, Carroll Co., MO


i.    JAMES REUBEN STANDLEY, b. 1854, Carroll Co., MO; d. February 21, 1863, Carroll Co., MO.

9.               ii.    NICY JANE (NANCY) STANDLEY, b. 1857, MO; d. 1932, ?.

iii.    MADORA FRANCIS MATTIE” STANDLEY, b. 1859, Carroll Co., MO; d. Unknown, ?; m. JOHN BRANNER, Abt. 1886, MO?; b. October 1861, VA; d. Unknown, ?.

10.            iv.    BENJAMIN FRANKLIN STANDLEY, b. June 25, 1861, Carroll Co., MO; d. April 15, 1933, Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO.

v.    MARTHA STANDLEY, b. 1863, Carroll Co., MO; d. Unknown, ?.

11.            vi.    LYDIA T. STANDLEY, b. 1865, Carroll Co., MO; d. December 19, 1933, Omaha, NE.

vii.    WILLIAM H. STANDLEY, b. January 01, 1867, Trotter Twp, Carroll Co., MO; d. Bef. January 12, 1929, Carroll Co., MO.

viii.    ADA “ADDIE” STANDLEY, b. 1869, Carroll Co., MO; d. Unknown, ?; m. ? ADKINS, Unknown, ?; b. Unknown, ?; d. Unknown, ?.


1900 Census lists a servant in the Thadus M. Brandon household b. Feb 1872 aged 28 b. MO, father KY and mother MO.  This could be Addie who is listed on the 1870 census.

ix.    ALLEN A. STANDLEY, b. Abt. February 1872, Carroll Co., MO; d. Unknown, ?

4.  HENRY ADKINSON HART (ALFRED EVANS1) was born August 25, 1838 in Callaway Co., MO, and died May 05, 1925 in Owasso, Tulsa, OK.  He married PARLEE D. STANDLEY October 28, 1858 in Carroll Co., MO  (FHC IGI lists date as 26 Oct 1865).  She was born December 19, 1840 in Carroll Co., MO, and died December 21, 1905 in Owasso, Tulsa, OK.


Henry A. Hart served in the Civil War in the militia under Captain Reuben Standley (father of Henry’s wife Parlee) and Captain Beatty.  In 1849 he moved to Carroll Co., MO; in 1853 he moved to Callaway Co., MO, and in 1857 he returned to Carroll Co., Mo.  In 1876 he was living in Carrollton, MO.  He was a Mason and a farmer.  Some say he was also a teacher.  He had a white goatee mustache.

After moving to Oklahoma, he owned two sections of land west of Owasso, OK.  His son Frank (William Franklin) Hart, bought the property and Frank’s son Willie (Bud) obtained ownership.  In 1998, Willie’s widow, Janet, still lives on part of the property.  It is not known if she is living on all of the original land or not.

A probate record dated March 24, 1932 for H.A. Hart, Sr. is found at File #8202 Tulsa County Courthouse.

Jeanette (Kauffman) Girkin Redman was told Henry and his family moved to Indian Territory (near present day Owasso) by covered wagon and driving 1000 mules.  It is not known how Abraham Lincoln Kauffman became acquainted with the family.  A Jesse Madison came to Oklahoma with the Harts.  Jesse is identified on the 1880 census of Carroll Co., MO living with the Harts.

1880 Missouri census

Vol. 6, E.D. 151, Sheet 25, Line 47

Carroll Co., Beatty Street

Henry Hart, white, age 42, birthplace MO

Pamylee Hart, wife, age 38, birthplace MO

William F., son, age 19, state not reported

Mary B. (my great-grandmother), daughter, age 15, state not reported

Andrew, son, age 12, birthplace MO

Rilla M., daughter, age 8, birthplace MO

Emma J., daughter, age 5, birthplace MO

Sopha E., daughter, age 1, birthplace MO (should be Sophia Lee)

Also identified is Jesse Madison (taken to nurse), age 11 months, birthplace MO

From History of Carroll County, Missouri, St. Louis, Missouri Historical Company, published 1881, at page 660: “Henry A. Hart was born Aug 25, 1838 in Callaway Co., MO.  In 1849 he moved to Carroll County and lived there four years, then returned to Callaway County.  In 1857 he again moved to Carroll County, and has since made this county his home.  He has followed the occupation of farming all of his life.  In November 1858, he married Miss Parlee Standley, daughter of Reuben Standley.  During the war Mr. Hart was in the militia under Captains Standley and Beatty; he is the father of eight children, seven of whom are still living, and named as follows:  William F., Mary B., Andrew J., Rilla M., Emma J., Sopia L., and Henry A.  Mr. Hart and wife are members of the Methodist church; he is also a member of the Masonic fraternity.  Mr. Hart’s father Alfred Hart, was born in Virginia in 1805; he was a farmer all his life and died in Arkansas in 1872.  Mr. Hart’s mother died when he was quite small.”

In the 1850 census Henry A. Hart and Benjamin J. Hart are shown living with the Henry and Agnes Pulliam family.  It is assumed these are relatives of their mother, Nicy Pulliam.  Nicy (Pulliam) Hart died August 22, 1843, shortly after her son Benjamin was born (July 25, 1842).  In the 1850 census, Henry is 11 years and Benjamin is age 7.

In notes from Sam Sheehan’s (Sam I) letter to his children dated Christmas 1969, he says “. . .In the meantime, my mother, Sophia Lee Hart, and her family migrated from Carroll County, Missouri, to Indian Territory.  The Henry Atkins [sic] Hart family shipped much of their household effects to Claremore, Indian Territory, and drove in covered wagons that carried supplies, food for the family, livestock and dogs.  They unloaded the freight cars at Claremore and settled on what is now the Hallsel Ranch west of Owasso, evidently this settlement occurred about 1898 when the ‘Curtis Act’ was passed. . . .”  So, is his next paragraph, which states, “Henry A. Hart, prior to moving to Indian Territory from Carroll Co., MO, owned and operated a general store in northwest Arkansas.”  contradictory?


Census: 1850, Carroll Co., MO, Line 21, House # 142, Family # 142 (w/Pulliam family)146,147


Jeanette Girkins (Russell Kauffman’s daughter) says the tombstone reads Sophia (or Sofa) Parilee Hart. Jeanette took pictures of this and G-Grandpa Hart’s stones in 1979. There are also “a lot of” other Harts in the Owassa Cemetery.

Received e-mail from Alvin Brownlee saying her name is Parmalie D. Stanley.  On some WFT pages she is also shown as Darlie Stanley.


Seal to Spouse: 06 May 1966LA, Family History Center IGI, Duncanville, TX147


12.              i.    WILLIAM FRANKLIN “FRANK” HART, b. 1860, MO; d. 1923, Collinsville, Tulsa, OK.

13.             ii.    MARY BENNETT “MOLLIE” HART, b. November 03, 1865, Carrollton, Carroll, MO?; d. July 28, 1950, Ketchum, Craig, OK.

iii.    ANDREW JACKSON “JACK” HART, b. November 25, 1868, MO; d. July 22, 1944, Owasso, Tulsa, OK; m. ERMA (NEE?) HART, Unknown, ?; b. Unknown, ?; d. Unknown, ?.

iv.    RILLA M. “RILLY” HART, b. November 28, 1872, Carrollton, Carroll, MO; d. Unknown, Carrollton, Carroll, MO; m. DANIEL A. HENDERSON, February 27, 1890, Carroll Co., MO; b. Unknown, ?; d. Unknown, ?.

v.    EMMA JO HART, b. June 02, 1876, MO; d. October 26, 1946, Owasso, Tulsa, OK; m. ? GIBBONS, Unknown, ?; b. Unknown, ?; d. Unknown, ?.

Notes for EMMA JO HART:

Note Jeanette (Kauffman) Girkin Redman’s notes say Emma married a Mr. Gibbons.  She is buried at Fairview Cemetery in Owasso, Tulsa Co., OK as Emma Hart.

14.            vi.    SOPHIA LEE HART, b. December 02, 1878, Carrollton, Carroll, MO; d. September 03, 1940, Collinsville, Tulsa, OK.

vii.    HENRY A. “AD” HART, b. May 30, 1881, MO; d. October 03, 1950, Owasso, Tulsa, OK; m. NEVER MARRIED.

Notes for HENRY A. “AD” HART:

In “State of Missouri, History of McDonald County” reference is made on page 78, second full paragraph, “The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union was organized February 16, 1888, with the following named members:…Mrs. Mary Hart . . . Miss Addie M. Hart,   honorary members.  Mrs. America Chenoweth is president; Mrs. Kate Nichols corresponding and Miss Addie M. Hart recording secretary.  The present membership is twenty-three.”  Is our Add a female and this possibly our Add Hart?

15.           viii.    SAM HART, b. 1883, Carrollton, Carroll, MO; d. 1952, Owasso, Tulsa, OK.

5.  BENJAMIN JOHNSON HART (ALFRED EVANS) was born July 25, 1842 in MO, and died October 26, 1924 in Carrollton, Carroll, MO.  He married AMANDA LOU AUSTIN December 13, 1866 in Carrollton, Carroll, MO.  She was born August 05, 1846 in Livingston Co., MO, and died December 27, 1926 in Trotter Twp, Carrollton, Carroll, MO.


At the 1850 MO Census, Benjamin (aged 7) and his brother, Henry A. Hart (aged 11), are listed as living with Henry and Agnes Pulliam’s family.  Also in this household are Orilla(?) age 24 years.  The story I have been told  by several members of the family is that Alfred Evans Hart, Ben and Henry’s father, was despondent over the death of their mother, Nicey, and he left the boys to be raised by their “Pulliam grandparents.”

1880 census MO, Vol. 6, E.D. 15, Sheet 15, Line 37

Ben J. Hart, white male, age 30, birthplace MO, Carroll Co., MCD Beatty.

Amanda, wife, age 28, birthplace MO


James 11, birthplace MO

Emery 10, birthplace MO

Leaneora, age 8, birthplace MO

Anna E., age 7, birthplace MO

Seana C., age 4, birthplace MO

Mary E., age 1, birthplace MO

also listed in this household are:

Arrilla Pulliam, (aunt), age 65, birthplace VA

Agnes Cole (aunt), age 80, birthplace VA [this will be Agnes Pulliam who married Samuel Cole]


Burial: Abt. October 26, 1924, Ebenezer Cemetery, Carrollton, Carroll, MO179,180

Census: 1850, Carroll Co., Missouri, page 1, line 22181,182


Burial: Abt. September 16, 1941, Ebenezer Cemetery, Carrollton, Carroll, MO183,184


[I have more complete information.  JMH 8.1.2001]

i.    EMMA WILLARD HART, b. March 05, 1869, prob. Carrollton, Carroll, MO; d. August 02, 1949, prob. Carrollton, Carroll, MO.


Burial: Ebenezer Cemetery, Carrollton, Carroll, MO

16.             ii.    ROBERT THOMAS HART, b. March 30, 1882, prob. Carrollton, Carroll, MO; d. January 05, 1955, Carrollton, Carroll, MO.

iii.    JOSEPH YUEN HART, b. May 10, 1890, prob. Carrollton, Carroll, MO; d. September 17, 1970, Carrollton, Carroll, MO; m. MINNIE M(?); b. February 01, 1890, ?; d. October 28, 1951, prob. Carroll Co., MO.


Burial: Ebenezer Cemetery, Carrollton, Carroll, MO

iv.    JAMES ALFRED HART, b. Unknown, prob. Carrollton, Carroll, MO; d. Unknown, Carrollton, Carroll, MO.

More About JAMES A. HART:

Burial: Ebenezer Cemetery, Carrollton, Carroll, MO

v.    LENORA HART, b. Unknown, prob. Carrollton, Carroll, MO; d. Unknown, Carrollton, Carroll, MO; m. ? DOTSON, Unknown, ? b. Unknown, ?; d. Unknown, ?.


Burial: Ebenezer Cemetery, Carrollton, Carroll, MO

vi.    KENTURAH SENA HART, b. Unknown, prob. Carrollton, Carroll, MO; d. Unknown, Carrollton, Carroll, MO; m. ? BIRCH, Unknown, ?; b. Unknown, ?; d. Unknown, ?.


Burial: Ebenezer Cemetery, Carrollton, Carroll, MO

vii.    MARY ELIZABETH HART, b. Unknown, prob. Carrollton, Carroll, MO; d. Unknown, Carrollton, Carroll, MO; m. ? BRADSHAW, Unknown, ?; b. Unknown, ?; d. Unknown, ?.


Burial: Ebenezer Cemetery, Carrollton, Carroll, MO

17.           viii.    GROVER BENJAMIN HART, b. Unknown, prob. Carrollton, Carroll, MO; d. Unknown, Carrollton, Carroll, MO.

18.            ix.    ANNA E. HART, b. Unknown, ?; d. Unknown, ?.

6.  JAMES M. HART (ALFRED EVANS) was born November 1853 in Lauderdale County, TN.  He married (1) SARAH LUTICIA ASHWORTH November 10, 1872 in Randolph County, AR.  She was born Abt. 1853 in KY.  He married (2) IDA SEGRAVES 1896 in Randolph County, AR.

Children of JAMES HART and SARAH ASHWORTH are:

i.    BIRDIE HART, b. Abt. 1876.

ii.    CHARLES HART, b. Abt. 1878.

19.            iii.    LUCY A. HART, b. December 17, 1882, Randolph Co, AR; d. May 09, 1962, Randolph Co, AR.

iv.    THOMAS G. HART.


vi.    CLARA HART.


Children of JAMES HART and IDA SEGRAVES are:


ix.    JESSE HART.

x.    JAKE HART.

xi.    LILIA HART.

xii.    MAY HART.

xiii.    LUCY HART.

xiv.    THOMAS HART.


Generation No. 3

7.  MARY ELIZABETH NEWMAN (MARY ANN HATCHER HART, ALFRED EVANS) was born October 31, 1857 in Callaway Co., MO, and died October 12, 1892 in Carroll Co., MO.  She married JAMES ALLEN STANLEY November 13, 1876 in Carroll Co., MO.  He was born November 24, 1847 in Callaway Co., MO, and died December 29, 1913 in Trotter Twp., Carroll Co., MO. [Both are buried in Powell Cemetery, Carroll County, Mo.]


Burial: Powell Cemetery, Carroll Co., MO

Children of MARY NEWMAN and JAMES STANLEY are:

i.    INA (LAVINA?) STANDLEY, b. October 24, 1877, Carroll Co., MO; d. February 04, 1964, Carroll Co., MO; m. EWELL PAYTON SHERWOOD, October 26, 1904, Carroll Co., MO; b. March 04, 1877, Carroll Co., MO; d. December 15, 1932, Carroll Co., MO.

ii.    DORA A. STANDLEY, b. Abt. 1879, Carroll Co., MO.

iii.    VADA STANDLEY, b. Abt. October 1882.

8.  THOMAS A. NEWMAN (MARY ANN HATCHER HART, ALFRED EVANS) was born Unknown in ?, and died December 18, 1931 in ?.  He married MARY ANN ROSE November 05, 1891 in Carroll Co., MO.  She was born Unknown in ?, and died July 03, 1957 in ?.

Children of THOMAS NEWMAN and MARY ROSE are:

i.    ONA NEWMAN, b. October 16, 1892, Carroll Co., MO; d. December 07, 1974, Carroll Co., MO.

ii.    RHODA NEWMAN, b. May 31, 1895.


[Alfred Hart Family. FTW]

Still living in Carrollton, Carroll,  MO

iii.    IRMA NEWMAN, b. August 21, 1895, ?; d. Unknown, ?; m. CLARENCE FARRIS, 1923, ?; b. Unknown, ?; d. 1973, ?.


Residence: Abt. 1983, Lebanon, Oregon

iv.    LESLIE NEWMAN, b. June 01, 1901; d. March 1998, Carroll Co., MO.

9.  NICY JANE (NANCY) STANDLEY (SUSANNAH GILLIAM HART, ALFRED EVANS) was born 1857 in MO, and died 1932 in ?.  She married JOHN A. COOPER August 21, 1881 in Carroll Co., MO.  He was born 1857 in ?, and died 1911 in ?.


Burial: Beatty Cemetery, Carroll Co., MO

More About JOHN A. COOPER:

Burial: Beatty Cemetery, Carroll Co., MO

Children of NICY STANDLEY and JOHN COOPER are:

i.    SUSAN F. COOPER, b. 1882, MO; d. 1882, MO.


Burial: Beatty Cemetery, Carroll Co., MO

ii.    DORA LEE COOPER, b. 1883, MO; d. 1884, MO.


Burial: Beatty Cemetery, Carroll Co., MO

iii.    MARION L. COOPER IV, b. 1885, MO; d. 1892, ?.


Burial: Beatty Cemetery, Carroll Co., MO

10.  BENJAMIN FRANKLIN STANDLEY (SUSANNAH GILLIAM2 HART, ALFRED EVANS) was born June 25, 1861 in Carroll Co., MO, and died April 15, 1933 in Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO.  He married MINNIE JANE THOMAS February 29, 1888 in prob Carroll Co., MO.  She was born April 06, 1871 in Tippecanoe Co., IN, and died September 05, 1933 in Carroll Co., MO.


From:  Republican Record 21 Apr 1933.

Death Summons to Benjamin F. Stanley.  Benjamin Franklin Stanley, a well known farmer residing west of Carrollton MO, son of Moses and Susan (Hart) Stanley, was b. in Carroll Co Mo 25 Jun 1861 d. at his home Saturday 15 Apr 1933 after some years of suffering from anemia and was bedfast for nearly a year.

His mother died when he was yet of tender years, the father in 1912, Sep 16th.  Preceded in death by 3 brothers and 2 sisters, three dying in infancy.  A brother Wm. H. Stanley d. Jun 1930 and a sister Mrs. Nicy Cooper 6 Jun 1932.  Survived by a brother A. A. Stanley of Tulsa OK and four sisters.  Mrs. Mattie Branner of Carrollton; Mrs. Mary Nicodemus of Chicago; Mrs. Lydia Cochran of Omaha and Mrs. Ada Adkins of Sugar Creek community.

On Feb 29 1881 he married Minnie Thomas.  They had 8 children, 3 died in infancy, youngest child Orville Lee died 1917.  Survivors; Oliver and Roy of the home.  Scott of the vicinity, Earl and Mrs Fred Howland living north and west of the home and from Carrollton.

Attending the funeral from a distance; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Willowby of KC; Mrs. Ada Adkins and son of Sugar Creek; Mrs. Mattie Branner of Carrollton; Funeral held Monday Apr 17 at Beaty church conducted by Rev. Ralph E. Powell, burial at Powell Cemetery.


Burial: April 17, 1933, Buried at Powell Cemetery, Carroll Co., MO


From 8 Sep 1933 issue The Republican Reporter, Carrollton, MO:

Mrs. Ben F. Stanley d. at her home 8 miles west of Carrollton Tuesday, Sept. 5.  Minnie Jane Thomas daughter of Ezekiel and Jane Eckman Thomas b. in Tippecanoe Co IN Apr 6, 1871.  Mother died when she was 5 weeks old.  On Feb 29, 1888 she married Benjamin F. Stanley who d. Apr 15th this year. 8 Children, three dying in infancy.  Youngest child Orville Lee d. 12 Dec 1917.  Surviving are Roy, Mrs. Fred Howland and Earl of Norborne, Scott and Oliver.  One sister Mrs. George Halsey of Tina and 8 grandchildren.  Two sisters proceeded her in death, Mrs. James Goodson of Venita OK and Mrs. Chas Dickinson of Tina.  Her step mother Mrs. Martha Thomas of Wichita KS, 3 half sisters, Mrs. Lena Nighswonder and Mrs. Mary Zehr of KS and Mrs. Anna Savage in TX.  2 half brothers George and Esom Thomas both of Nevada MO.  Burial in Powell Cemetery.


i.    ROY A.4 STANDLEY, b. August 14, 1892, Carroll Co., MO; d. April 04, 1941, Tina, Carroll, MO; m. SADIE J. HOWLAND, Unknown, ?; b. Unknown, ?; d. Unknown, ?.

ii.    EFFIE STANDLEY, b. June 1895, Carroll Co., MO.

iii.    EARL STANDLEY, b. Abt. 1902, Carroll Co., MO; d. Aft. September 05, 1933.

iv.    SCOTT M. STANDLEY, b. October 06, 1906, Carroll Co., MO; d. June 14, 1982, Joplin, , MO.


Burial: Beatty Cemetery, Carroll Co., MO322,323

v.    OLIVER C. STANDLEY, b. Abt. 1909; d. Aft. September 05, 1933.

vi.    INFANT STANDLEY, b. Unknown.

vii.    ORVILLE LEE STANDLEY, b. Unknown; d. December 12, 1917.

11.  LYDIA T. STANDLEY (SUSANNAH GILLIAM HART, ALFRED EVANS) was born 1865 in Carroll Co., MO, and died December 19, 1933 in Omaha, NE332,333.  She married JOHN COCHRAN 1886 in prob. Carroll Co., MO.  He was born Unknown in ?, and died 1923 in ?.


The Republican Record, Carrollton, MO, 22 Dec 1993 issue.  Mrs. Lydia Stanley Cocharan aged 68 died in Omaha NE, Tuesday, Dec. 19, 1933.  Lydia Stanley was daughter of Moses and Susan Hart Stanley and born in Nov 1865.  She attended Trotter school.  Married John Cochran in 1886 and had 8 children, one dying in infancy.  Surviving: Mrs. Herbert Smith, Mrs. Charles Smith, Mrs. Jesse McCormick, Robert A., John Russell, Lillian and Harold all of Omaha. Mr. Cocharan d. 1923.

She was one of a family of 11, seven of whom had preceded her in death.  Mrs. James Sage in 1879, Wm. H. Stanley in 1929, Ben Stanley in Apr, 1933, Mrs. Nicy Cooper in June 1932 and 3 had died infancy.  Survived by sisters; Mrs.  Mattie Branner, Mrs. Ada Adkins of KC, Mrs. Mary Nicodemus of Chicago. Brother A. A. Stanley of Tulsa OK and others.  Services in Omaha Thursday and body arrived in Carrollton on Friday burial at Oak Hill.


i.    ROBERT A4 COCHRAN, b. Unknown.

ii.    JOHN RUSSELL COCHRAN, b. Unknown.

iii.    LILLIAN COCHRAN, b. Unknown.

iv.    HAROLD COCHRAN, b. Unknown.

v.    GIRL [CORA]* COCHRAN, b. Unknown, ?; m. HERBERT SMITH, Unknown, ?; b. Unknown, ?; d. Unknown, ?.

vi.    GIRL COCHRAN, b. Unknown, ?; m. CHARLES SMITH, Unknown, ?; b. Unknown, ?; d. Unknown, ?.

vii.    GIRL COCHRAN, b. Unknown, ?; m. JESSE MCCORMICK, Unknown, ?; b. Unknown, ?; d. Unknown, ?.

viii.    UNKNOWN COCHRAN, b. Unknown.

*Cora’s name provided to me by her descendant Jeffrey Robb (see comments below) on April 7, 2016.

12.  WILLIAM FRANKLIN “FRANK” HART (HENRY ADKINSON2, ALFRED EVANS1) was born 1860 in MO, and died 1923 in Collinsville, Tulsa, OK.  He married ELIZA JANE “LIZZIE” JOHNSON Unknown in ?.  She was born 1863 in ?, and died 1933 in Collinsville, Tulsa, OK.


i.    FLOYD4 HART, b. Abt. 1888, ?; m. PEARL DOWNEY, December 24, 1909, Tulsa, Tulsa, OK; b. Abt. 1891, ?.

Marriage Notes for FLOYD HART and PEARL DOWNEY:

E-mail from Jeanette (Kauffman) Redman 3 July 1999, “I obtained my Tulsa Annual and it has the marriage application for Floyd Hart age 21, Miss Pearl Downey 18 with the official being N. J. Gubser – Tulsa County Judge, witnesses O. P.  Marshall and G. W. Davis. The marriage date was Dec. 24, 1909, Tulsa, OK, page 508 from marriage record books. This was the first name on the list so it jumped out at me.”

ii.    ROLLA HART, b. Unknown.

iii.    IDA HART, b. Unknown, ?; d. Unknown, ?; m. ? SMITH, Unknown, ?; b. Unknown, ?; d. Unknown, ?.

More About IDA HART:

Burial: Fairview Cemetery, Owasso, Tulsa, OK356,357

More About ? SMITH:

Burial: Fairview Cemetery, Owasso, Tulsa, OK358,359

13.  MARY BENNETT “MOLLIE” HART (HENRY ADKINSON2, ALFRED EVANS1) was born November 03, 1865 in Carrollton, Carroll, MO?, and died July 28, 1950 in Ketchum, Craig, OK.  She married ABRAHAM LINCOLN “LINK” KAUFFMAN February 12, 1885 in Carrollton, Carroll, MO.  He was born September 09, 1864 in Perry Co., PA367,368,369, and died August 12, 1936 in Ketchum, Craig, OK.


An article contributed for the Craig County Democrat’s November 7, 1935 issue says a surprise birthday dinner  celebrating Mrs. A. L. Kauffman’s 70th birthday was held on the previous Sunday.  Present were “Mrs. W. A. Lemon and little daughter Murrel Carson, Loren Larson of Vinita, Frank Kauffman of Owasso, Mrs. Sophie Sheehan of Collinsville, Jack and Erma Hart, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hart and Sons of Owasso, Mrs. K.H. Howard and family, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Bullard and family of Ketchum, and Mrs. Hermon Lemon of Ketchum, and Grover Jackson.  They all had a merry good time and left wishing her many more happy birthdays.”

Glenden Jeanette (Kauffman) Redman says, she remembers her Grandma Kauffman was a mean old woman.  Jeanette also said that when Grandpa Kauffman died “they (meaning her children, I believe) had to make her put on a clean dress.”

My mother and her sister, Maxine, say they remember their grandmother as being very lazy.

Claudine said that her mother, Cecil (Howard) Lollar “always told a story about Grandma Kauffman (who it seems she did say she was mean), never washed fruit jars when she emptied them, then because Cecil had little hands she got to do it before canning season, and of course, that would be hard.”  Claudine goes on to say “All those pioneer ladies had life so rough they would’ve had to work at being happy, cheerful people.”  But, Claudine “thinks she would’ve washed her fruit jars though!  Thank heavens for dishwashers much less drawing water out of a well, heating it, etc., etc.”

I have a picture of Great-Grandma Kauffman, Grandma Howard, my mother Margaret, and myself that was taken in about 1946.  I was very young, it appears that I was about 18-24 months old.  I have no memory of her.


Burial: Ketchum Cemetery, Ketchum, Craig, OK  Seal to Spouse: 20Nov1985LG, Family History Center, Duncanville, TX IGI as of Mar 1992


Family stories are told that Donna (Howard) Lipe was about 2 when G-Grandpa Kauffman died and she played under his bier at the wake.

From Jeanette (Kauffman) Redman’s notes:

“I have been told that Abraham Lincoln Kauffman was born in Harrisburg, Dauphin Co., PA.  I have searched census records and been unable to find any information regarding this person.  My mother, Inez Kauffman, gave me these names of his siblings several years before she died:  Elmer, Jake, Joe, Will, Anna Kauffman Simpson, and Rebecca Kauffman Be(a)rrier.  I have a picture of Aunt “Beck” taken with Grandpa Abraham.  My cousin, Janet Eastin Kauffman said she heard her mother-in-law Sadie Kauffman talk about an Aunt Beck.”

In the 1900 census their last name is spelled Coffman.  Town 20, N. Range 14 East – Enumeration by James Williams 1900 Cherokee Nation Census Roll #1845, Micro-copy T623 Coffman, Abraham – head of family, white, Sept 1865, age 37, married for 15 years.  Place of birth Pennsylvania.  Father’s place of birth Germany, Mother’s place of birth Germany.  Farmer, renting farm house.

Coffman, Mollie – wife, white, female, Nov 1866, age 37, married for 15 years.  Place of Birth Missouri.  Father’s place of birth Missouri,

Mother’s place of birth Missouri.

Katie – daughter, white female, Oct 1886, age ??, single

Frank – son, white male, Jan 1891, age 9, single

Lucille – daughter, white female, Mar. 1895, age 5, single

Russell – son, white male, Oct 1899, age ?, single

Census shows that all can read and write.


13th Census of the U.S. 1910 State of Oklahoma

Tulsa County Dawson Township, May 11 and 12, 1910

Roll 1275, Family #192-196

Kauffman, A.L. – Head of Household, age 45, married for 25 years, born in Penn., Trade/Occupation – labor/farmer.  Speaks English, Mother/father -born in Penn. Retired and works for own account.  Is able to read and write.  Owns two farms.

Kauffman, Mary – Housewife, age 44, married for 25 years.  Mother of 8, 7 living. Born in Missouri, Father/mother born in Missouri.  Speaks English, is able to read and write.

H.F. – son, white male, age 19, single

Lucille – daughter, white female, age 15, single

Ruby A. – daughter, white female, age 6, single

Thelma – daughter, white female, age 2, single

14th Census of the U.S. (1920 census)

State OK, County Craig; township Municipal #8.  Enumeration Date 14 Jan 1920, Roll 1458, sheet 52, District  precincts 2 and 3

Abraham L. Coffman, farmer, house number 69, head of house, owned house, mortgaged, white, 55, married, born PA, able to write

Mary Coffman, wife, 54, married in MO

Ruby A. Coffman, daughter, 16, born in OK

Thelma M. Coffman, daughter, 12, born in OK

The above information does not match.  A.L. Kauffman is buried under the name of Kauffman.  All of the children are identified spelling the name Kauffman.  It is assumed Kauffman is the correct spelling of this name.


Burial: Abt. August 12, 1936, Ketchum Cemetery, Ketchum, Craig, OK


i.    WILLIAM HENRY4 KAUFFMAN, b. December 27, 1883, Carroll Co., MO; d. October 30, 1885, Carroll Co., MO; m. NEVER MARRIED.


Burial: Abt. October 30, 1885, Powell Cemetery, Carroll Co., MO

ii.    KATIE CLEVELAND KAUFFMAN, b. October 10, 1887, ?; d. February 1937, Vinita, Craig, OK; m. JOSEPH ADAMS, Abt. 1908, ?; b. Unknown, ?; d. Unknown, ?.


Katie died in the State Hospital at Vinita.  Aunt Maxine said that she believed when Katie began the change of life she “lost her mind.”

iii.    HOMER FRANKLIN KAUFFMAN, b. January 21, 1891, Carrollton, Carroll, MO; d. February 04, 1943, Owasso, Tulsa, OK; m. SADIE ELIZABETH JACKSON, April 06, 1913, ?; b. March 08, 1895, ?; d. November 06, 1969, Owasso, Tulsa, OK.


When Russell’s brother Frank died, Jeanette wrote me “I knew my Uncle Frank and loved him very much.  He died in 1943, one month to the day after my family moved to California during the war.  Dad could not get gasoline to come back to the funeral.  I know how hard this was for him.  His (Frank’s) two sons were very close to me.  I love his daughter-in-law Janet, we still see each other.  She is the one that had the picture of great grandpa Henry.  She also had a small brown paper bag which had a telegram written on the side.  It was from my dad saying he could not get gas to come to the funeral, she had found this in Aunt Sadie’s purse when she was looking for something for a costume party.  I have this and treasure this brown paper sack.  It is unreal that this was the way a telegram was handled by a small town.”


Burial: February 04, 1943, Fairview Cemetery, Owasso, Tulsa, OK402

iv.    BLANCH (NMI) KAUFFMAN, b. January 10, 1893, Carrollton, Carroll, MO (?); d. December 28, 1963, Sapulpa, Creek, OK; m. KENNETH HUNT HOWARD, January 10, 1910, Tulsa, Tulsa, OK; b. December 09, 1883, Hamilton Co., TX; d. October 11, 1953, Ketchum, Craig, OK.


Blanch worked for various families, among whom were the Steele’s, Manser’s, LaFortune’s and others at their homes on Grand Lake.  She also took care of a lady named Mrs. Haddock (whom Sharon Neal called Grandma Haddock).  Two of Blanch’s daughters, Maxine and Margaret, say that “mother was the hardest working woman she ever met.”

Claudine (Lollar) Pope remembers her grandmother’s cinnamon rolls and picking blackberries, and today Claudine is a “third generation blackberry picker!”  Claudine also remembers Grandma bringing big red onions home from work.

In September 1997, Blanch’s granddaughter, Myrna Sue (Howard) McKinney, related a recent story.  Myrna had retired from the 8-5 routine and began to clean houses.  She works for a Mr. and Mrs. Bob Steele.  Mrs. Steele told Myrna that she was a darn good housekeeper but not the best they had ever had.  Myrna asked her who was the best they had.  Mrs. Steele related that a long time ago, when the Grand River Dam Authority was building the bridge across the Grand Lake, there was a lady who was the best.  She related that the lady not only cleaned several of the homes, but she also took care of all of their children and did the laundry for the single men working on the Dam.  Mrs. Steele also said that they found out the lady walked about 5 miles to and from work every day.  She said that when they found that out, they always took her home but could never get there before the lady showed up for work.  Myrna told Mrs. Steele, “that was my grandmother.”  Her children remember her as being a hard worker, as do the grandchildren that are old enough to remember her.

Also at the 1997 family reunion, Charles Kenneth Howard’s wife, Elsie, made cinnamon rolls that were the closest to Grandma’s that Maxine, Charles Kenneth, or Sharon could recall having ever eaten since Grandma died.  The taste of Elsie’s cinnamon syrup in the pan brought back many happy memories.  Now, don’t get me wrong, Grandma’s were still the best, and many of us have tried to make them like her, but Elsie has come the closest to making what we all dearly loved and remember so well.  When Grandma made cinnamon rolls, she baked two pans; one pan for the family and one pan for Aunt Jackie.  All of those not attending the family reunion this year missed out on a really special treat!

Bette, Blanch’s daughter, said when “Sharon Neal was a little girl she always slept with Grandma.  One time when all of the other kids were there Sharon decided to sleep with them instead.  When it came time to go to bed, she went to bed with Grandma and when asked why she wasn’t sleeping with the other kids, her reply was ‘I changed up my mind.'”  Bette said they all used that phrase when they changed their mind about something for a long time after that.

Grandma crocheted beautifully, and sold two twin-sized bedspreads that she had crocheted for $500 in about 1963.  This was a lot of money for handwork.  Sharon Neal has several pieces of crochet work done by her grandmother, including a dress she crocheted for her when Sharon was six-months old, two pillow tops that, upon close scrutiny, have pieces of her hair crocheted into the fine work, and several doilies and an apron with heart-shaped bib that was made when she was a little girl.

Mrs. Howard also did piece quilting, but did not do the actual quilting of the bed covers.  She would piece the tops together and then send them to the Indians for the quilting process.  When she died, Bette and Clarance picked up 40 quilt tops that the Indians had quilted for her. Blanch’s intent was to have a quilt top for each one of her children and each one of her grandchildren.  Sharon’s top is a Lone Star quilt. Sharon bound the edges (very poorly!) in 1983 or 1984 and presented it to her daughter, Ryma, who also loves quilts, for Christmas that year. Claudine treasures her Lone Star quilt as well, and says that her daughter, Jane, knows its value too.  Claudine also has crocheted dresses and a headscarf grandma made from a parachute.

Besides crocheting and quilting, Grandma Howard also cross stitched, and she taught Sharon this craft in 1962 and 1963, using gingham cloth.  They cross stitched many snowflake patterns on the gingham and then made skirts and blouses to sell.  A snowflake was centered in the back of a blouse and possibly one was on a breast pocket.  The hemline of the skirts would have the snowflake pattern all the way around it.  The two spent many evening hours working on these items.  In 1997, cross stitch is still one of Sharon’s favorite past times, although she, too, sews, crochets, and pieces quilt tops.  Like her grandmother, Sharon does not like to perform the actual quilting.

At Christmas 1963, Grandma attended the family celebration at Aunt Bette’s in Catoosa, OK.  She did not bring any handwork with her at this holiday which was very unusual because Grandma never let her hands be still.  She talked by phone to the children who were not at the Christmas festivities (Cecil [possibly], Harold, who was in California, and Margaret, who was in San Antonio).  Later, on Christmas Day, she suffered a heart attack and died three days later on December 28.  She was buried on December 31, 1963 next to her husband, Kenneth Hunt Howard, at the Ketchum Cemetery in Ketchum, OK.

When Grandma died, Aunt Maxine took Sharon (Catlin) Coleman to Vinita to Luginbuel’s Funeral Home to view her body.  It looked to her (and Maxine agreed) that “Grandma was breathing.”  This was the first time Sharon (then 19 years old) recalled ever seeing her grandmother “asleep.”


Burial: December 31, 1963, Ketchum Cemetery, Ketchum, Craig, OK

Cause of Death: heart failure

Religion: Church of Christ


Kenneth’s obituary says he was survived by two brothers, U.H. and Ernest, and five sisters who are not named.  I am certain of the living sisters:  Joe Lee, Ruth, Lorraine, and Hallie.  I do not know which of the other two, Inez or Myra, were living.  The obituary says he moved from Tulsa to Craig Co. in 1910 and had resided at the farm two-miles west of Ketchum for the past 30 years.  I know from his surviving children that after the birth of daughter Cecil in White Oak, OK, the family removed to San Antonio, TX, where son Weldon was born.  After this they returned to the Ketchum, OK area.

Where was Kenneth born?  I have always heard Huntsville, TX.  However, records from Luginbuel Funeral Home says he was born in Brownsville, TX.  His parents are found to be living in Hamilton Co., TX at the 1880 census.  Did they go east or south? In looking at maps, I’m thinking he was born in Brownwood, TX, but will have to wait on his birth certificate to see where he was born.

His daughter Maxine said that when Kenneth’s sister Joe Lee Howard Wagenschein and Joe Lee’s cousin (Walter Howard?) were working on “Ten Generations of Virginia Howards” they asked Grandpa to contribute $3 and asked for genealogical information about his children.  Grandpa thought it was a ploy to get money from him and would not contribute nor give the requested information!  Consequently, Joe Lee and Walter listed the children whose information Joe Lee could remember and not all of his children appeared in the book.

Maxine said that one time Kenneth’s sister Joe Lee and at least one other sibling came to visit the Oklahoma Howards.  One of the relatives asked one of Kenneth’s children (Weldon Maxine believed) how much money they had. The questioning went back and forth when Kenneth’s son told the inquirer “Well, he’s put all of his children through school (of eleven children, eight went to college and one to business school),”  to which the inquirer replied, “Well, I guess he’s better off than we are.”  Unlike Kenneth, most of his relatives were well-to-do financially.

The original home, a two-story one, burned in May 1948 or ’49.  Both Kenneth and Blanch were very badly burned in the fire.  I have been told that the curtains covering a kitchen window touched a burner on the gas stove and caught fire.  Jackie (the most organized) was the only child to save most of her things from the fire.   Grandpa was in the hospital in Vinita for some time recuperating from his burns.  Sharon recalls being taken to the side of the hospital and being able to look down into a (basement?) window to see her grandfather.  Grandma Howard was burned more severely but she was back at work cleaning “lake homes” soon after fire.

A new home was built and still stands, with its modifications, in 1997.  The living room and one bedroom has been enlarged, a second bath has been added to the bedroom, and the screened-in porch has been enclosed. Berber carpeting now covers the solid oak plank floors.  The son, Ernest Dean Howard, had inside plumbing put in the home in about 1956.  Sharon, her husband Bill, aunt Bette and uncle Clarence visited the home in 1993.  Sharon revisited with her mother and uncle Vernon Grubbs again in August

1997.  Pictures taken are from the 1993 visit.

Maxine, Kenneth’s daughter, said that her father left home when he was about 16 or 17 years old and went to Oklahoma.  He worked on the Kauffman family farm, where he met and married their daughter, Blanch.  They remained in Oklahoma for a while and were living in White Oak, Oklahoma when their daughter Cecil was born.  The Howards then moved to San Antonio, Texas, where their son, Weldon, was born.  Shortly after his birth they returned to Oklahoma.

Margaret, another of Kenneth’s daughters, said Mr. Howard was a “gentleman’s farmer.”  He was a tenant farmer for Ewing Halsell (from San Antonio) and bought the farm in Ketchum from Mr. Halsell.  The Howard’s were dairy farmers and the milk was taken to Ketchum to be sold.  It was on these trips with her grandfather that Sharon was able to get chocolate ice cream!

Howard Edgar, one of the grandsons, went with grandpa to sell the milk one cold day in January.  Of course, Howard wanted ice cream.  Grandpa told him it was too cold for ice cream.  After they finished the milk delivery, Howard leaned back in the truck’s seat, wiped his brow, and said “Phew, it sure is hot.”  I imagine Howard got ice cream!

Grandpa Howard served for many years on the Ketchum School Board.  He was very active with the Church of Christ that he and his family attended. During a communion, Sharon ran outside to the car and told her Aunt Jackie, “Come on in and eat.”

Of her grandfather, Claudine (Lollar) Pope says, “I remember Grandpa Howard bragging on me for sweeping at their house – I couldn’t have been too old as I was 14 when he died.”

Weldon’s son Charles Kenneth remembers a trip to Springdale, Arkansas one cold day when he and Sharon Neal rode in the back of the pick-up truck. They were taking Aunt Hallie to Springdale to visit with Uncle Uhland.  (This was in probably 1951 or 1952.)  Charles and Sharon ate bananas until they were sick.  Although a vague memory, both remember the trip being taken on a very cold day and neither are particularly fond of bananas!

Sharon Neal (Catlin) Coleman adored her grandfather and his death left an empty spot in her life.  She cherishes a pillow cover that was made with ribbons from the funeral sprays at his funeral.  She was in fourth grade in Harlingen, Texas, and had come home for lunch when she was told that her grandpa had died.  Her mother Margaret said Sharon cried herself to sleep for many months after her grandfather’s death.  Margaret also said there could be a room full of people and when Sharon walked in her grandpa saw no one but her.  Perhaps it was a mutual admiration society!

Maxine says that when her daughter Roberta Ann was born she became a favorite of Grandpa.  (I prefer to think this wasn’t so!)

Grandpa Howard was very fond of all his grandchildren.  Each one of us who were around him a lot have very special memories.  Most of us were around the farm a lot during the summers.

I have vague memories of Grandpa Howard playing a harmonica (he called it his juice harp).

Received from mother March 28, 1999

The info you sent regarding Parlee Standley Hart was very interesting.  Does that mean he is part Cherokee?  Charles Kenneth should be quite interested in that!.  Yes, Daddy had worked for Ewing Halsell for years – Halsell had farms all over Oklahoma & Missouri.  That is how Daddy met Mother I understand.  Ewing Halsell and his wife, Lucille, are buried in Vinita.  Craig Campbell was pall bearer at his funeral (or hers, I don’t remember what he told us about that).  Anyway there is the big Arboreteum (however you spell it) here named for Lucille Halsell – and of course the street over around Medical Center is Ewing Halsell Drive.  Daddy & Mother had lived here in S.A. at one time – in fact Weldon was born here I believe.  Anyway, I didn’t understand all the info you sent – will have to read it more closely when I have more time.  Will send a copy to Maxine.  She will remember more than I.  Yes, I knew Ray Sheehan was supposed to be the father of Ruby’s boys.  You know Bill Kauffman is now married to an Indian gal and lives at Ft Gibson.  Bob had died a few years ago.

Well, gotta go.  Guess we will be free to get up for Miss Meg’s 2nd birthday.  She is absolutely the cutest thing going.  Jake is going to

have to be awfully cute and smart to outdo her!

See ya.    Love,  Mom


Burial: October 12, 1953, Ketchum Cemetery, Ketchum, Craig, OK

Cause of Death: heart failure423

Occupation: farmer423

Religion: Church of Christ423

Social Security Number: 448-10-6003423


From Clay Darnell, 26 May 1999:  “I work in City Hall just a couple of minutes from the Tulsa County Court House. I went over on my break and discovered a marriage record. If you send me your address I will forward to you. Brief excerpt follows.

Application: Kenneth H. Howard aged 26 and Blanch Kauffman aged 17. Dated Jan 10, 1910. Resides in Tulsa, OK. Consent given by her father A.L. Kauffman.

License: Ceremony performed by C. W. Kerr Ordained Minister, Presbyterian Church , Tulsa, OK.”

Witnesses:  H.F. Kauffman of Tulsa, OK and Wm. Hart of Owasso, OK. (note, it appears that Hart’s name is spelled Lect or something similar).

The number for this Marriage record appears to be 1136, copy is fair.  It is sworn to on 10 Jan 1910 and the certificate of marriage is filed 11 Jan 1910, and says they marriage was performed on the 10th day of January 1910 at Tulsa.

v.    MYRTLE LUCILLE KAUFFMAN, b. March 26, 1895, Carrollton, Carroll, MO; d. April 21, 1971, Ketchum, Craig, OK; m. (1) GROVER CLEVELAND JACKSON, March 11, 1914, Ketchum, Craig, OK?; b. 1893, ?; d. February 16, 1926, Ketchum, Craig, OK; m. (2) WILLIAM A. LEMONS, Unknown, ?; b. Unknown, ?; d. Unknown, ?.

vi.    RUSSELL ALEXANDER KAUFFMAN, b. October 11, 1899, Carrollton, Carroll, MO; d. April 23, 1979, Tulsa, Tulsa, OK; m. INEZ LUCILLE AUGENSTEIN, June 28, 1920, Whiting, IN; b. June 13, 1902, Waldo, Marion, OH; d. November 30, 1987, Tulsa, Tulsa, OK.


See More about notes under Homer Franklin Kauffman.

vii.    RUBY ANN KAUFFMAN, b. August 15, 1903, Tulsa, Tulsa, OK; d. January 15, 1982, Broken Arrow, Tulsa, OK; m. NEVER MARRIED.


Ruby was accidentally dropped on a cement step when she was a small girl, causing a severe spinal injury.  The accident caused her to be crippled and on crutches for the rest of her life.

The story is told that Ruby’s parents never knew she was pregnant until the twins were born.  The Kenneth Howard family went to the Kauffmans almost every Sunday after church.  The Sunday after the boys were born, A.L. Kauffman took Kenneth Hunt Howard around the orchard and farm while A.L. told Kenneth of the boys births.  The story is relayed that neither A.L. nor Kenneth were very happy about this event but both loved the boys.  Aunt Maxine, in her letter to me of October 1992, said that Roy Sheehan was the father of Bob & Bill.  She said he “was committed to the state hospital in Vinita after the boys were born, and she thought he had committed suicide.”  (I think Roy was “Alva Ray Sheehan,” son of Sophia (Hart) and Luther Sheehan.  This story has later proved to be untrue, Ray was killed by a driver that had fallen asleep at the wheel.)

Ruby worked as the dispatcher for a (the?) taxicab company in Vinita for many, many years.  She began at a salary of $1 a day and “worked up” to $2 a day before her retirement.  When she left there, she had no retirement.  In 1976 when I visited with her in Tulsa, the Welfare department had called and asked her to come in to prove her disability.  My cousin told me if she went, and fell while in their building, he would personally see to it that she would “own the state.”

In my December 22, 1999 e-mail to Bill Kauffman, I said “Your mother was my great-aunt.  Oh how I loved Aunt Ruby…as did all of us kids that were the older grandchildren of Blanch and Kenneth.  I remember the last time I visited with her in 1976 with my daughter who was young.  Ruby was living in Tulsa next to a grocery store.  The store had to build a fence between their parking lot and her house to comply with a city ordinance.  They built the fence to comply, but they stopped the height at her window sill so she could still see out the window.  I thought that was so neat.  I also remember her having a police scanner.”

“Another old, old memory of mine is that Grandma and Grandpa Howard had twin cows.  I got to name them–Bob and Bill!  When Grandma milked them, I braided their tails.  They were gentle as she didn’t have to put kickers on them.  I can’t imagine doing that today, but it’s one of my favorite memories!  I can still see their stalls in the barn–one of them was right in front of the ladder going up to the hay loft.  When we were in Ketchum several years ago, I took a wonderful picture of the barn.  The only thing different about it from what I remember is that the new owners had painted it white instead of the barn red.”


Burial: January 18, 1982, Memorial Park Cemetery, Tulsa, OK449,450

viii.    THELMA MAXINE KAUFFMAN, b. July 03, 1907, Tulsa, Tulsa, OK; d. February 06, 1983, Afton, Ottawa, OK; m. BARTO FLOYD BULLARD, February 27, 1926, ?; b. Unknown, ?; d. Unknown, ?.


The December 18, 1924 issue of Craig Co. Gazette says of its 7th and 8th grade students, “Pupils not tardy–. . ., Thelma Kaufmann, . . . and 7th Grade pupils making an average of 100 percent for the month Thelma Kauffman.”  Mrs. Lotta M. Watson, teacher.  (Note Kauffman is spelled two different ways.)


Jeanette’s notes indicate this marriage to have taken place on July 3, with no year listed.

14.  SOPHIA LEE HART (HENRY ADKINSON2, ALFRED EVANS1) was born December 02, 1878 in Carrollton, Carroll, MO, and died September 03, 1940 in Collinsville, Tulsa, OK.  She married LUTHER SHEEHAN July 03, 1901 in Carrollton, Carroll, MO.  He was born March 23, 1877 in ?, and died October 02, 1919 in Collinsville, Tulsa, OK.


Subject:         Hart geneology

Date:         Mon, 18 Jan 1999 12:56:12 -0600

From:        Sallie Taylor <>


Good Morning!

Just a quick message to introduce you both to each other.  Sharon, here is Sallie’s message I received after visiting with Mary Ellen.  Sallie, Sharon is descended from your branch of the HART family.

Sallie, Sharon lives over in the Ft. Worth / Dallas area.  Can you let us know where you live?  And as I indicated in my earlier message, I will be getting more data to you when I finally get back home early next week.


Roger Roberson

Lynden, WA


Hi!  It is nice to meet you Sharon and know that I have Hart relative in the Metroplex.  I also live in Springtown and work for Springtown ISD as Curriculum Director for the schools.



Subject:          Re: Hart geneology

Date:         Tue, 19 Jan 1999 09:36:19 EST



In a message dated 1/19/99 9:15:50 AM, writes:

Do you use a genealogy program so I can send you a gedcom file of the Hart family?  I noticed in your reply to me that you had a on there and wondered if it is your home mail or another closely related “cousin.”



“Cejasam” here!  Sallie( is my sister.  I live in Ponca City, Okla. (Sam Sheehan II, 6750 East South Avenue, 74604).  I would be delighted to have a gedcom file of the Hart family!  I use the Ancestor genealogy program so I should have no problem reading the file.

Since I located the burial site of Henry Adkinson Hart my Great Grandfather I have been a regular on Memorial Day each year in visiting his final resting place.





ii.    ALVA RAY SHEEHAN, b. April 17, 1911, prob. Tulsa Co., OK; d. January 14, 1935, Owasso, Tulsa, OK?.


Regarding my e-mail to Sam Sheehan regarding story about Alva Ray committing suicide when learning about the birth of the twins, or the other story that he was run over by a car while talking to someone in another car.  Sam replied, “……… it was a hay truck with the driver asleep!  The accident happened East of Skitook on a steep hill.  Believe he and his new(?) wife had bought a farm on the South side of the road.  This was related to me by my Dad.”


15.  SAM3 HART (HENRY ADKINSON2, ALFRED EVANS1) was born 1883 in Carrollton, Carroll, MO, and died 1952 in Owasso, Tulsa, OK.  He married NORA SCOTT Unknown in ?.  She was born 1892 in ?, and died 1969 in Owasso, Tulsa, OK.

Children of SAM HART and NORA SCOTT are:

i.    ROY4 HART, b. October 26, 1918, ?; d. November 07, 1922, Owasso, Tulsa, OK.

ii.    NINA HART, b. September 27, 1925, prob. Owasso, Tulsa, OK; d. September 05, 1926, prob. Owasso, Tulsa, OK.

16.  ROBERT THOMAS3 HART (BENJAMIN JOHNSON2, ALFRED EVANS1) was born March 30, 1882 in prob. Carrollton, Carroll, MO, and died January 05, 1955 in Carrollton, Carroll, MO.  He married LOVIE GLENORA BOWLES March 30, 1904 in ?.  She was born 1884 in ?, and died 1965 in prob. Carroll Co., MO.


Burial: Ebenezer Cemetery, Carrollton, Carroll, MO

Children of ROBERT HART and LOVIE BOWLES are:

i.    CECIL OREN4 HART, b. September 04, 1905, Carrollton, Carroll, MO; d. 1996; m. EVELYN METZ, April 01, 1927, Carroll Co., MO; b. October 04, 1908, Wildwood, NJ.

ii.    VERCIL R. HART, b. December 07, 1906, ?; d. Abt. April 15, 1950, prob. Carroll Co., MO; m. DOROTHY N(?); b. July 16, 1912.

iii.    JAMES M. HART, b. March 30, 1910, ?; d. October 07, 1979, prob. Carroll Co., MO; m. ALENE M [Wagaman], Unknown, ?; b. October 08, 1918, ?; d. December 02, 1990, prob. Carroll Co., MO. [Note: I did add my mother’s maiden name to this file. jmh 3.31.13]

iv.    GLADYS LOU HART, b. August 23, 1912, Carroll Co., MO; m. VIRGIL HENRY BUNGE, Unknown; b. August 05, 1917, ?; d. February 11, 1973, prob. Carroll Co., MO.

v.    CHARLES RAY HART, b. September 03, 1916, ?; d. Abt. October 13, 1995, prob. Carroll Co., MO; m. FLOSSIE M. HUNTER; b. January 24, 1921, ?.

17.  GROVER BENJAMIN3 HART (BENJAMIN JOHNSON2, ALFRED EVANS1) was born Unknown in prob. Carrollton, Carroll, MO, and died Unknown in Carrollton, Carroll, MO.  He married BESSIE LORENE BOWLES June 06, 1906 in Carrollton, Carroll, MO.  She was born Unknown in ?, and died Unknown in ?.


Burial: Ebenezer Cemetery, Carrollton, Carroll, MO534,535


i.    LOUISE4 HART, b. Unknown, ?; d. Unknown, ?; m. HARRY PIERSON ELLIOTT, Unknown, ?; b. Unknown, ?; d. Unknown, ?.

18.  ANNA E. HART (BENJAMIN JOHNSON2, ALFRED EVANS1) was born Unknown in ?, and died Unknown in ?.  She married FRANK WAMPLER Unknown in ?.  He was born Unknown in ?, and died Unknown in ?.


i.    LETHA WAMPLER, b. Unknown, ?; d. Unknown, ?; m. ? WELCHON, Unknown, ?; b. Unknown, ?; d. Unknown, ?.

19.  LUCY A. HART (JAMES M.2, ALFRED EVANS1) was born December 17, 1882 in Randolph Co, AR, and died May 09, 1962 in Randolph Co, AR.  She married WILLIAM MILAS SAGO.

Children of LUCY HART and WILLIAM SAGO are:

20.              i.    RUTH4 SAGO, b. February 22, 1901, Randolph Co, AR.

21.             ii.    MINNIE A. SAGO, b. October 04, 1904.

22.            iii.    MAZIE V. SAGO, b. February 10, 1909.

iv.    RAYMOND SAGO, b. February 18, 1911; d. October 05, 1912.

23.             v.    MERYLE SAGO, b. July 02, 1913.

vi.    BEN MAX SAGO, b. August 15, 1918; m. GLENDAL MAXINE RIGGS, December 04, 1948; b. March 14, 1926; d. March 05, 1976.

Generation No. 4

20.  RUTH SAGO (LUCY A.3 HART, JAMES M.2, ALFRED EVANS1) was born February 22, 1901 in Randolph Co, AR.  She married JAMES THOMAS MORRIS July 24, 1918 in Randolph County, AR.

Marriage Notes for RUTH SAGO and JAMES MORRIS:

* Marriage record–Randolph County AR– BK 19,  p. 161

Children of RUTH SAGO and JAMES MORRIS are:

i.    CHARLES HENRY5 MORRIS, b. October 01, 1922; d. Unknown, In infancy.

ii.    ROBERT EDWARD MORRIS, b. June 18, 1924.

iii.    HAROLD FRANKLIN MORRIS, b. September 12, 1925.

iv.    THOMAS RAYBURN MORRIS, b. July 1927.

v.    BILLY JOE MORRIS, b. September 09, 1928; d. Unknown, In infancy540.

vi.    JOHN LLOYD MORRIS, b. December 21, 1930.

vii.    PATSY RUTH MORRIS, b. March 01, 1932; m. BERNARD JOHN BROADBENT.

21.  MINNIE A.4 SAGO (LUCY A.3 HART, JAMES M.2, ALFRED EVANS1) was born October 04, 1904.  She married EVERETT DECKER July 18, 1925.  He was born March 01, 1905.


i.    LEON5 DECKER, b. September 24, 1934; d. December 17, 1934.

22.  MAZIE V.4 SAGO (LUCY A.3 HART, JAMES M.2, ALFRED EVANS1) was born February 10, 1909.  She married THOMAS FRED MCCOY November 05, 1927.  He was born Abt. 1906.


i.    CHARLENE5 MCCOY, b. April 28, 1933; m. ALBERT NESSON.

23.  MERYLE SAGO (LUCY A.3 HART, JAMES M.2, ALFRED EVANS1) was born July 02, 1913.  She married WILLIAM HENRY WAYMON May 14, 1940.  He was born March 08, 1907.


i.    MARY LOU WAYMON, b. June 18, 1941; m. DALE CULLISON.

ii.    SANDRA KAY WAYMON, b. September 11, 1946; m. JERRY WAYNE HACKWORTH; b. October 01, 1943.


This is the end of Tom Stokes’ record of Alfred E. Hart’s family.


7 comments on “Family of Alfred Evans Hart (1805-1872)

  1. Carolyn Hart Steensma says:

    I am also with the Hart line with Caleb and Mary Ann Evans, mine is with Reuben the brother of Nowel. What you have here is very interesting and I am going to print it off. I am working on other parts of the hart line right now and trying to connect with the parkers. Didn’t think I had any Hart relatives in Texas but they came through with the Peters colony. If you wish it would be nice to hear from you. My Dad, James Archer Hart born in 1896.

    • James Hart says:

      I will get back to you after Sept. 15. On vacation in Great Smoky Mountains – no access to my genealogy resources with my iPad. James Hart

    • James Hart says:

      I seem to have forgotten this exchange from 2014. Sorry about that. If you have done further research and would like to get acquainted, and tell me more about your connection to my Hart family, I would appreciate hearing from you. I have done no research regarding Nowel Hart’s siblings, and only a little research regarding Nowel’s children in Callaway County. However, I have some records relating to Nowel (from Sharon C. Colman, a descendant of Henry Adkinson Hart, a great nephew of your Reuben, who lives in Dallas area) that can be shared by email, if you would care to see them. In responding to a new comment left here today, I ran across your message and my 2014 reply which reminded me of this unfinished “loose end.” I had not looked into the comments on this post for some time. Sincerely, James Hart

      • Carolyn Steensma says:

        My name is Carolyn Hart Steensma and I am of the Caleb line also except a different brother Reuben. Reuben married Polly Mary Williams, had a son names James C. Hart. James married Susan Dowden (have a lot on the Dowden), they had a son named Reuben Caleb who married Nellie Archer (this is also a very interesting line), they had a son named James Archer who is my Father.
        I live in Arlington, TX and would love to get in contact with the Hart relative that lives in the Dallas Area.
        The Parker line is definitely part of the Hart’s but I have been unsuccessful with tying those ends together and haven’t worked on it for quite awhile. I do know a George Hart died in Newman, Illinois will have to look up that obit in another place, his Mother was a Hart. There are a lot of Parkers in the Madison County, KY area, many of them migrated into Missouri them many into Texas with the Peters Colony.
        As soon as I decide what software to use since FTM is no longer supported and get my lap top completely secured I will start again on genealogy. I haven’t had my DNA don and need to get that done also.
        Please keep me in the loop. Carolyn Steensma,

  2. Cindi Scott says:

    josie hart, josephine hart, his half sister is living with Henry A Hart in 1920

  3. Jeffrey Robb says:

    Hello. I am a descendant of Cora Cochran and Herbert Smith. Cora is noted here as an unknown: GIRL COCHRAN. Very interesting to catch this deep link to my family’s ancestry.

    children of LYDIA STANDLEY and JOHN COCHRAN are:

    i. ROBERT A4 COCHRAN, b. Unknown.

    ii. JOHN RUSSELL COCHRAN, b. Unknown.

    iii. LILLIAN COCHRAN, b. Unknown.

    iv. HAROLD COCHRAN, b. Unknown.

    v. GIRL COCHRAN, b. Unknown, ?; m. HERBERT SMITH, Unknown, ?; b. Unknown, ?; d. Unknown, ?.

    • James Hart says:

      Thank you for the note on this family connection. As you may know from the introductory matter written for this post, I am not the author or researcher of the family information posted here – it was given to me by Tom Stokes of White Hall, Arkansas, who on my last checking online I learned he has died since he gave me this information in 2001. I will insert a bracketed correction of Cora’s name in my post with a note to the source of it. Cora’s mother Lydia Standley was the daughter of my great grand aunt Susannah Gilliam Hart Standley, wife of Moses Standley, and sister of my great grandfather Benjamin Thomas Hart. Unfortunately, I have done no further research yet on the descendants of Moses and Susannah, other than to identify their children by census records and list them in my family tree at Of all my great grandfather’s siblings, I will add, that finding records for Moses and Susannah has proven the most difficult, including determining they are buried at Powell Cemetery in Carroll County, Missouri, where I grew up, but they have no tombstones there.

      (By the way, if you research them far enough, there are disagreements on the spelling of Stanley and Standley. I prefer the “d” version as being the most correct for Moses and Susannah. It does not help the matter that both versions of the name are among the tombstones of related family members at Powell Cemetery, too. Figure that one out!)

      I found Lydia Standley Cochran on FindAGrave, but two things at least are wrong on her tombstone (according to the information about Lydia listed in my record): Her birth date was 1865, not 1887, and her husband’s was John (not George).

      I can’t vouch for the husband’s name, George may be correct instead of John; but I am sure the birth date is wrong for some reason, because Lydia’s mother Susannah died in 1873; also the death date for her is 1968 not 1933, as shown above.

      I am going out on a limb here, and going to say that the Lydia R. Standley Cochran in the FindAGrave record given here is perhaps the wrong one attributed to these parents and siblings. I know nothing about “Anonymous” who entered the record, but the only correct thing they have in common from the details provided above is death in Nebraska.

      For now, I will provide the Cora correction as noted earlier, but I doubt that I’ll pursue the matter of Lydia Cochran’s true identity until sometime later, though I am interested. If you have a FindAGrave account and want to pursue the matter on your own, by all means do so.

      If you know any more (or learn anything new) about this branch of our family, please let me know.

      Thanks again. James Hart

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