Edward Pulliam, 1636, Henrico County, Virginia, Ancestor of James Hart

Edward Pulliam, Immigrant Ancestor of James Hart, 1636 Henrico County, Virginia

All Saints Church, Ripley, Yorkshire, England


All Saints Church dates from the 14th Century,

and this building or an earlier version of it

stood in Ripley when Edward Pulliam,

my paternal great great grandmother Nicey Pulliam Hart’s

immigrant ancestor, was born there in 1607.

Edward Pulliam emigrated to Virginia in 1636.

. .


. .

This family descent chart leads to

 Nicey Pulliam* who married Alfred Evans Hart

of Callaway County, Missouri (ca. 1600-1833)

and follows with their family descent to the present.


Edward Pulliam’s parents are as yet undetermined


Edward Pulliam

was born between 1600 and 1606 in Ripley, Yorkshire, England

(another source specifies 1607)

and emigrated to Virginia Colony in 1636.

His date of death and his wife’s name are unknown.

Father of James Pulliam


James Pulliam married Mary Clarke

was born about 1640 in Hanover County, Virginia

Mary Clarke was born in London, England

Parents of William Pulliam, Sr.


William Pulliam, Sr. married Ann Patterson

about 1687 in New Kent County, Virginia

was born about 1665 in Hanover County, Virginia and died after 1715

Ann Patterson was born about 1667 in Virginia


James Pulliam – b. ca. 1689

William Pulliam, Jr. – b. 1690

John Pulliam – b. ca. 1695

Benjamin Pulliam – b. ca. 1700

Anne Pulliam – b. 1701, d. 1794

Thomas Obadiah Pulliam – b. May 12, 1702

Patterson Pulliam – b. ca. 1705


John Pulliam married Agnes Allen

born 1695 and died February 6, 1734 in Hanover County, Virginia


William Pulliam, John Pulliam, Jr., Drewry Pulliam,

Agness Pulliam, Elizabeth Pulliam, Sarah Pulliam, Joseph Pulliam,

James Pulliam, Sr.


James Pulliam, Sr. married Elizabeth Allen Stone

February 28, 1757 in Lunenburg County, Virginia

was born ca. 1726 in Lunenburg County, Virginia

and died September 19, 1799 in Person County, North Carolina

Elizabeth Allen Stone was born about 1741 in Virginia

and died in May 1819 in Person County, North Carolina


Elizabeth Anne Pulliam – b. November 22, 1769

John Winn Pulliam – b. October 10, 1765

Richard Pulliam – b. September 9, 1763

Byrd Pulliam – b. November 11, 1767, d. 1866

Mary Stone Pulliam – b. July 26, 1761

Susannah T. Pulliam – b. March 9, 1772

Agnes Allen Pulliam – b. April 3, 1776

James Pulliam, Jr. – b. June 25, 1774

Drury Allen Pulliam – b. March 28, 1778

Anne Sargent Pulliam – b. September 3, 1780


Drury Allen Pulliam married Susannah Gilliam Williams

on December 3, 1798 in Person County, North Carolina

was born March 28, 1778 in Lunenburg County, Virginia and died ?

possibly in Callaway County, Missouri

Susannah Gilliam Williams was born October 31, 1776 and her death

is noted in the Hart Family Bible for February 3, 1848.


A historical note about Drewsy Allen Pulliam published in 

William and Mary Quarterly follows at the end of this post.



Mary W. – b. September 7, 1800

John Winn – b. 1801, d. ?

m. Elizabeth Hart in 1833 (sister of AEH)

Agnes – b. 1800-1803?, d. 1880 *

m. Samuel Cole in 1851 ~ see Hart Family Bible

James William – b. March 2, 1804

Letha – b. abt. May 6, 1809, d. January 15, 1892

in Carroll County, Missouri

Henry – b. 1811 *

Banister – b. 1813, d. aft. 1880

m. Nancy Ingram in 1833

Nicey Pulliam

b. January 18, 1814 in Virginia

and d. August 22, 1843 in Callaway County, Missouri

Martha Ann – b. July 20, 1816, d. September 12, 1888

m. Andrew Jackson “Jack”  Stan(d)ley in 1847

Aurillia – b. August 29, 1818, d. August 13, 1909 *

see next page below regarding 1850 Census


Nicey Pulliam married Alfred Evans Hart

on January 17, 1833 in Callaway County, Missouri

Alfred Evans Hart  was born July 29, 1805 in Halifax County, Virginia

and died May 9, 1872 in Pocahontas, Randolph County, Arkansas


All of them born in Callaway County, Missouri

Mary Ann Hatcher Hart – b. June 9, 1834

Susannah Gilliam Hart – b. July 17, 1836

Henry Adkinson Hart – b. August 25, 1838

Thomas Jefferson Hart – b. October 9, 1840

Benjamin Johnson Hart – b. July 25, 1842


*1850 Census of Carroll County, Missouri:  Henry, Agnes, and Aurillia Pulliam

are living together and raising Henry Adkinson Hart and Benjamin Johnson Hart,

sons of Nicey Pulliam (dec.) and Alfred Evans Hart (remarried / Arkansas).

Mary Ann Hatcher Hart

married John R. Newman on February 7, 1855

in Callaway County, Missouri

She died February 10, 1917 in Carroll County, Missouri

Susannah Gilliam Hart

married Moses Stanley – date unknown

Henry Adkinson Hart

married Parilee Stanley on October 28, 1858

Thomas Jefferson Hart

married Elizabeth Jane Brock on December 17, 1861


Benjamin Johnson Hart married Amanda Lou Austin

on December 13, 1866 probably in Carroll County, Missouri

was born July 25, 1842 in ? and died October 26, 1924 in Carroll County, Missouri

Amanda Lou Austin

was born August 5, 1846 probably in Carroll County, Missouri

and died December 27, 1926 in Carroll County, Missouri


James Alfred Hart – b. October 29, 1867

Emma Willard Hart – b. March 5, 1869

Lenora Hart – b. June 1, 1871

Ann Eliza Hart – b. April 4, 1873

Keturah Sena Hart – b. February 1, 1877

Mary Lizzabeth (Elizabeth?) Hart b. June 9, 1879

Robert Thomas Hart – b. March 21, 1882

Grover Benjamin Hart – b. March 10, 1885

Joseph Yuen Hart – b. May 10, 1890


Robert Thomas Hart married Lovie Glenora Bowles

on March 30, 1904 probably in Carroll County, Missouri

was born on March 30, 1882 probably in Carroll County, Missouri

and died on January 5, 1955 in Carroll County, Missouri

Lovie Glenora Bowles

was born October 31, 1884 probably in Carroll County, Missouri

and died on June 16, 1965 in Livingston County, Missouri


Cecil Oren Hart – b. September 4, 1905

Vercil Robert Hart – b. December 7, 1906

James Martin Hart – b. March 30, 1910

Gladys Lou Hart – b. August 23, 1912

Charles Ray Hart – b. September 3, 1916


James Martin Hart married Alene May Wagaman

on July 6, 1951 in Auburn, New York

was born March 30, 1910 near Norborne, Missouri

and died October 7, 1979 in Carrollton, Missouri

Alene Wagaman was born October 8, 1918 in Kansas City, Missouri

and died December 2, 1990 in Columbia, Missouri


James Martin Hart, Jr.

was born on January 14, 1953 in Monticello, Iowa

Donald Ray Hart

was born on October 4, 1954 in Junction City, Kansas


James Martin Hart, Jr. married Denise Gayle Rauscher

on June 14, 1980 in Brookfield, Missouri

Denise Rauscher was born July 20, 1953 in Kansas City, Missouri


Nathaniel Austin Hart

was born September 11, 1983 in Chillicothe, Missouri

Ethan Tyler Hart

was born July 15, 1985 in Chillicothe, Missouri

Two genealogical databases note hfer as Nicy Pullium, name spelled

differently than her ancestors’ Pulliam.  *In addition, the Hart Family Bible

of Benjamin J. Hart and Robert T. Hart spells her name as Nicey Pullium.

I have chosen the conventional Nicey Pulliam.

The Pulliam Family details preceding Nicey Pulliam and Alfred Evans Hart

were provided to me in email attachments by Sharon Catlin Coleman in 2001.

Drewsy Allen Pulliam

Drewsy Allen Pulliam was one of the youngest of James and Elizabeth’s ten
(10) children. The 1820 Census lists fourteen people in Drewsy A. Pulliam’s
household but may include some of the minor children orphaned by the
previous deaths of his brothers and sister. Yet, it is certainly not
inconceivable that he and Susannah could have produced twelve (12) children
in twenty-one years. Banister Pulliam was one of their children and the
records indicate that he was the youngest son.

Sometime between August of 1823 and August of 1824, Drewsy Allen Pulliam
joined other members of his family in a westward migration. He had sold his
interest in his father’s 160 acre estate to his brother Byrd in 1821, and
two years later he was forced to mortgage all his personal property. Leaving
the Gents (now Ghents) Creek area of Person County, North Carolina, several
members of the family went directly to Tennessee where they were living by
1830, but Drewsy Allen Pulliam stopped for a while in western North Carolina
somewhere in the Macon County area. He did not buy land while in the area so
it is impossible to say precisely where he resided. On February 22, 1833,
Drury A.’s son, Banister, married Nancy Ingram, daughter of Goldman Ingram.
Since Goldman had married a full blooded Cherokee (Jemima), it seems
reasonable to assume that Drewsy Allen Pulliam had settled in the part of
Macon County still belonging to the Cherokee Indians. Since the land was not
then open for settlement, he could not take a title to the property, and it
appears that he moved on to Tennessee before the land was officially opened
and Cherokee County created. By 1840, Drewsy Allen Pulliam was living in
Montgomery County, Tennessee.

(Information from Dr. Jerry Cross, genealogist, Cary, North Carolina: 164
William & Mary Quarterly, Vol 21, (1) 57.)


18 comments on “Edward Pulliam, 1636, Henrico County, Virginia, Ancestor of James Hart

  1. Virginia Amis Garrison says:

    Do you know the names of the children of John Wynne Pulliam and Charlotte Williams? Is one of them Charlotte Pulliam? Thanks

    • James Hart says:

      No, I do not know about any of the other Pulliams listed in that record, other than names and dates of children associated with the direct line of ancestors leading to my great great grandmother. You might try one of the Family Forums on the internet – there is one devoted to Pulliam family requests. Thank you for your inquiry.

  2. Phyllis Rickard says:

    I am looking for documentation on James Pulliam and Agnes Allen, back to the previous generations. Do you have that information? Thank you.

  3. Heath Johnson says:

    James I can trace my family back to Edward Pulliam as well. Through Agnes Allen Pulliam, daughter of James Pulliam and Elizabeth Stone

  4. Denise E Jackson (nee: Johnson) says:

    Hello James, My mother Blanche Pullium Johnson and Dr Jerry Cross did the research on Banister and Nancy Ingram line. Since that research that was completed it has been proven that Jemima Hughey wife of Goldman Ingram was not a full blooded Cherokee but of English (British) descent. Sadly

    • James Hart says:

      Thank you for the message. Since I am completely unfamiliar with those names and have done no research on them, I can share your disappointment. I am mostly familiar with the direct Pulliam line that leads from Edward to my second great grandmother Nicey Pulliam Hart, and I have not branched very far from it, except among some of her siblings who also lived in Missouri at mid-19th century. Sincerely, James Hart

    • James Hart says:

      Yes, looking into them in the notes above, I see that Bannister who married Nancy Ingram is Nicey’s brother, but I’ve done no work on him yet and am unfamiliar with his line of the family. Their siblings whom I know more about are John Winn Pulliam, who married Elizabeth Hart (sister of Nicey Pulliam’s husband Alfred Hart), and Henry, Agnes (married Samuel Cole), and Aurillia, who raised two of Nicey and Alfred’s sons after she died in 1843. It’s a long story – too long to tell it all now – but Alfred left his five children to be raised by Hart/Pulliam (mostly Pulliam) relatives – and left Missouri in the mid- to late-1840s. He eventually married again in Tennessee about 1850 and raised a larger, second family of Harts in Arkansas. The Pulliam brother and two sisters raised my great grandfather Benjamin J. Hart and his brother Henry A., and were in Carroll County, MO, during the Civil War years. John Winn and Elizabeth raised the oldest daughter Mary Ann Hatcher Hart; another couple raised the brother Thomas Jefferson Hart (I have their names in census information, but have forgotten them at the moment); and I have never been able to learn who raised the other sister Susannah Gilliam Hart or where she lived in Missouri before she married Moses Standley, and then I caught up with her as an adult. Most of these people’s family activity occurred in Callaway County, MO, after they moved from North Carolina, and eventually in Carroll County. I think Henry Pulliam married in mid-life, and Aurillia never married. After she helped raise Benjamin, she lived in his household until she died in 1909. These Pulliam notes in my blog were assembled in 2001 from files sent me by a cousin in Texas who is a descendant of Henry A. Hart. They have had one revision since posting when I learned a couple of years ago that I had John Pulliam (married Agnes Allen) entered both as father and son, with an incorrect later date, because I had misread some of the notes I received at the time. When I started doing a family tree and researching on Ancestry.com I came across information that show my error in these notes and I corrected them. Thanks again for your comment on Bannister’s family: How is Goldman Ingram related to Nancy? Father or brother?

      • Denise E Jackson (nee: Johnson) says:

        Nancy Ingram is the daughter of George Goldman Ingram (1780-1847) and Jemima Hughey (1778-1869)


        It’s always wonderful finding family online.

  5. Will May says:

    You and I are distant cousins! I haven’t traced the exact cousinage yet, but my great-great-great-grandfather Daniel Weisiger married Mary Eliza Pulliam, daughter of Richard H. Pulliam. Thanks to a friend who has an Ancestry.com account, I’ve been tracing family members my dad didn’t have any information on. Thanks for this blog and the added information!

    (As an aside, my dad’s name is Edward and spent his high school years in Harrogate, so I got to tell him he was going home and never knew it!)

    • James Hart says:

      Greetings! Thanks for the reply.

      Do you mean this Richard:
      Richard Pulliam – b. September 9, 1763

      I don’t see any other Richard listed among my early ancestors on this list. If he’s the right one what does the “H” stand for? And if he’s the right one, he’s the brother of my third great grandfather Drury Allen Pulliam whose daughter Nicey Pulliam married my second great grandfather Alfred Evans Hart. Another nice connection for me – for Hart and Pulliam – is that Nicey’s brother John Winn Pulliam married Alfred Hart’s sister Elizabeth Hart. Both couples married in 1833 in Callaway County, Missouri.

      If you have access to Ancestry.com, I have this man William Pulliam (born 1580, Yorkshire, England) listed on my family tree as the father of Edward Pulliam (born 1600, Ripley, Yorkshire, England). I picked that up from another Family Tree that I thought seemed accurate, but I’ve done no research to prove it. (I also don’t have an Ancestry account that allows research in English or European sources. So far I’ve been “too cheap” to pay the extra $99 for it.)

      This is my page link for William and his wife Joan Sheffield, and if it’s correct, they are my 9th great grandparents:


      Just now following some other family trees listed for Joan Sheffield, I see that several agree on their marriage date for 1597:

      Spouse: William Pulliam (1580-1610) Married 1597

      I have no reason to doubt the accuracy of everything listed on my page here from Edward Pulliam (born 1600) and descending down to me, because that information was shared to me by another Hart cousin who had done the Pulliam work on her side of the family with another cousin and shared it to me in 2000.

      I’ve heard of Harrogate over the years, and Ripley and Ripley Castle are locations near there in Yorkshire. My wife and I visited York, England in 1976, but at the time I had no idea I had an ancestor location so near there.

      In the meantime, happy cousin hunting. If you learn more and want to share, I’d welcome it.

      James Hart

      • Will May says:

        The Richard H. Pulliam my friend helped me find was born 1802 in Henrico County, Virginia. His daughter, Mary Eliza, was born in 1835 and married my great-great-great-grandfather sometime after the Civil War, I believe, although I don’t have an exact date for their marriage.

        Thank you so much for all this information! I’m going to forward it along to my father, since he was the one that put the bee in my ear about the surname Pulliam in the first place. I went to visit some of my cousins in Ireland last year and since then I’ve kind of had a bug for finding far-flung relatives.

        Nice to meet/”meet” you!

      • James Hart says:

        This seems to be leaving replies in a new thread, so I hope you see the previous one.

  6. James says:

    Can you back track from Richard, born 1802: who were his father, grandfather, etc. so I can see who they descend from among my Pulliams charted here? Also, Henrico County is up by Richmond, but many of my Hart ancestors were in Halifax County (South Boston is largest town) and Person County, NC, is right over the border and home to many of the Pulliams listed in my information. I think I had forgotten those counties adjoined across state lines until I looked it up just now with google maps.

    • James Hart says:

      Don’t know what happened here, but WordPress seems to think I’m two people. It’s still me!

    • Will May says:

      So right now I’m running into one of the common problems of my genealogical research, in which I am almost positive that A is the ancestor of E, but I’m not sure about B, C, and D. In all of my inquiries into Richard’s parentage, I am running into the problem of which James or William Pulliam he was descended from, as there are quite a few. The only thing I know for certain is that Richard Jr (born in 1807, not 1802, my mistake) is the younger son of Richard Sr (born 1765) and Elizabeth Jarrell (born 1764). I’ll let you know once I find out more.

  7. Jamie Johnson says:

    Your information shows that Joseph Pulliam, son of John Pulliam and Agnes Allen died stillborn.
    I am descended from that Joseph Pulliam. Following is information that I have been able to find about him. From this information it appears that Joseph was born the same year that John died. I copied the following information from a book that I found in the library in Greensboro, NC.

    Caswell County Heritage North Carolina, #578 – Joseph PULLIAM, Sr. “Joseph Pulliam, Sr. was the son of John and Agnes Allen Pulliam. He was born March 15, 1734, and was married in 1754 to Sarah who was born in 1738. They were both from Halifax County, Virginia. Joseph and Sarah Pulliam had a family of 13 children: James, born November 8, 1755, died unmarried in Halifax County, Virginia around 1779; John was born June 1, 1757; Joseph, Jr. was born August 9, 1759; Drusilla, born October 9, 1761, married Sylvanus Stokes June 9, 1781 in Halifax County, Virginia; Jane Allen’s birth date is not known because the page of the Bible was torn where her birth was listed. She married Thomas Brandon, Jr. on January 8, 1785 in Caswell County, and had one known son, Joseph Brandon; Agnes Allen’s birth date is also unknown because of the tear in the Bible, but she married John Foster December 31, 1786 in Caswell County, N.C. They had one known son, James P. Foster; Sarah, birth date unknown, died young; Susanna, born November 26, 1770, married James Holloway January 1796 in Caswell County, N.C.; Mary was born June 20, 1772; Nancy was born March 16, 1774; George was born June 20, 1776 and died February 20, 1787; William was born June 1, 1778 and died September 14, 1778; Elizabeth was born March 5, 1780 and married Hix. They had one known son, Joseph Hix. Sarah Pulliam died July 29, 1822. Both died in Caswell County, N.C.”

    I am just providing this for your information. As I said, I am descended from Joseph thru his son John who was born June 1, 1757. Thank you for all of the information that you have provided.

    • James Hart says:

      Thank you! I’m very happy to receive all this information about that line of Pulliams. I changed the note in my original file, and I’ll revise how it’s presented in the blog entry to reflect that. I will add, this line of family descent is not based on original research that I have done, but was given to me in 2000 by a Hart/Pulliam descendant (cousin) in Texas. The note about Joseph Pulliam being stillborn was presented that way to me. I will share your details with my cousin. Thanks again! JH

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