Stone Marking Lost Time


Memorial Stone – Masonic Hall

Bogard, Missouri



Earlier today I posted an essay here recounting

some Bogard history of the Fleming General Store

and its Masonic Hall on the second floor.

Later today a friend provided this picture

on Facebook as the needed footnote for the story.


The Needed Piece of a Bogard Puzzle

This stone marks the relocation of the Masonic Hall in Bogard, Missouri, in 1932. When Anna Fleming was Matron in 1910, the Eastern Star chapter began meeting on the second floor of Fleming General Store (vintage pictures were the subject of recent posting) in the new Masonic Hall. That site served the Masonic and Eastern Star chapters until the building burned in 1932. In that year, Edna Dickerson was Matron of the Eastern Star chapter, and she was apparently instrumental in creating a new Masonic Hall when a second floor was added to the E. A. Dickerson Furniture Company, her husband’s establishment. This building served both lodge chapters for almost 50 years until they consolidated with neighboring chapters: Eastern Star in Hale, 1980; Masons with the Wakenda Lodge in Carrollton, 1981.

bogard.d building

The face of former times.

Though its sign is barely legible in this resolution,

(click on photo for larger view)

this vintage photo shows the E. A. Dickerson

building before it gained a second floor.

The entire block to the left is now gone.

Photo courtesy of Nancy C. Wagaman.

bogard.hard times

The face of hard times now.

Much of downtown Bogard has been razed in recent years,

but the old E. A. Dickerson building still bears paint

giving testimony to its past as well as a clear

demarcation of brick work showing the building’s extension

upward for the new Masonic Hall in 1932.

Color photos courtesy of Loretta Rainey-Fones.


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